By W. Homer Axford

In case you missed it, the administrators union sent a letter to Bayonne Board of Education President Joseph Broderick requesting the resignation of trustee Charles Ryan.  You can read all about it at the link above, or watch the Youtube video by clicking here. 

Yes, Ryan was a little out of line for speaking to a teacher that way, but it doesn’t raise to the level of resignation. The more telling part of this story is that it appears that open war has been declared on trustee Ryan and others for their votes and roles in laying off cherry picked administrators. If the past has taught us anything, it is that Board Trustees never win the battle against teachers; it has never happened, and probably never will. Expect short terms for those in the teachers’ crosshairs, as resistance against the all powerful group is certainly futile.

Holy Family Sale Still a Go

At this month’s council meeting, the City Council will vote to authorize the sale of the BEOF’s buildings located on Kennedy Boulevard. They are doing this, despite the fact that Bayonne could lose funding for the BEOF, to the tune of about $1.5 million.  This is troubling for many reasons: first, it puts in jeopardy the whole sale. Why would the City of Bayonne still go through with this deal, when the entire deal relies on the BEOF paying back the City of Bayonne and performing their own “renovations” to the Holy Family building?  How could they guarantee that they will carry out their part of the deal, when their primary source of funding is in jeopardy? Second, If the BEOF cannot pay back the money for the loan, or complete the renovations to Holy Family, they could find themselves homeless. They are selling their old home, without knowing if they can manage their new home.

The City of Bayonne took a loan out to pay for a new home for the BEOF. Next to police and fire, debt service payments are one of the highest expenditures that the City of Bayonne has. If this deal falls through, it will add to the deficit and debt service payments, which would be a disaster for Bayonne taxpayers. At the very least, the City of Bayonne should put the sale on hold until they see what version of the President’s budget gets passed by Congress. Gambling with a credit card is never a good deal — Davis and the City Council should know that by now.

Retired life is good. As we did last year, we will be heading to our shore house for the spring/summer. We will keep you updated with monthly check-ins until Labor Day. 

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