By W. Homer Axford

In case you missed it, the City Council voted unanimously to bond the City into over $2.5 million of debt to buy the old Holy Family building for the BEOF. The Council is doing this on the gamble that the BEOF will sell their current properties at the value they appraised them at — yes, you read that right, not market value, but the value they themselves appraised the properties at – and then reimburse the City. Let that sink in: the City is essentially lending the BEOF some 2.5 million dollars on the promise that the BEOF will sell something that they think is worth 2.5 million dollars. We can’t tell if this is incompetence or corruption, but either way it is bad. There is no way that the BEOF is getting over 2.5 million dollars for the properties they own, if you believe they are, we have a bridge to sell you. The two properties located  on the Boulevard between 21st and 22nd streets aren’t worth $200,000 each on a good day, and these are just the facts, folks. The City will end up eating this bonded debt and the taxpayers will be on the hook. Not to mention the BEOF doesn’t need the entire building, its operation just isn’t that big. This deal stunk from the very beginning, but your Mayor and your City Council have contracts to give out and patronage to pay, therefore you get it whether it is detrimental to you or not.

More Businesses to Close, DeMarco not Credible Once Again

Another staple of Broadway will be closing: R&B’s will be shutting their doors for good. Last week the Jersey Journal ran a story about all the businesses closing on Broadway. Unfortunately a few more won’t make it past 2017.

As we have stated in our previous column, Davis has no plan to revitalize Broadway. He never did. His promises about doing so were lies to get him elected and we are seeing this all come to fruition as Broadway fails miserably. But that didn’t keep Davis’ main enforcer and policy maker from shamelessly exaggerating and saying Davis has been to “100 ribbon cuttings” since taking office. You see, Mr. DeMarco, the funny thing about social media is, its good for taking credit for things like cutting ribbons, but its bad, when you claim you cut 100 ribbons, because you really didn’t. We went to Davis’ Facebook and Twitter pages and counted all the ribbon cuttings. 100? Not even close, try 17 (and 4 have already closed). 7 took place the first few months Davis was in office, but we gave them to him anyway, 1 was Nicholas Chiaravalloti’s Campaign Headquarters, and we were generous so we gave that to him, too. We invite anyone to go to Davis’ Facebook and Twitter account to look for themselves, the links are posted below. Ask yourself if this counts as “revitalizing Broadway.” Ask yourself if you are being lied to by the powers that be. Do you think Bayonne is better off than it was four years ago? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves, because we have some very important choices to make over the next 17 months. Oh, and Joe, next time you are going to lie straight to the taxpayers faces, go for a smaller lie.

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