By W. Homer Axford 

Well, Election Day has come and gone. Maybe you got what you were looking for — Jimmy Davis certainly didn’t. Once again, in one loud voice, the citizens of Bayonne told Jimmy NO! If you were really paying attention, you would see that this is a devastating loss for Jimmy Davis. He can’t even get the school board trustees he wants elected, never mind himself and his City Council Candidates in 16 months. Two independents walked in with Wilbeck and Desmond winning overwhelmingly. A third independent beat out a fourth independent, Jimmy’s guys and gals didn’t even round out the top 6. As for them, you should’ve taken our advice a few weeks back when we told you to distance yourself from the poisonous Mayor  (“Power Fading Fast”). 

As for Jimmy, his puppet Council unanimously voted yes to bond you into more debt this past Council meeting and to buy Holy Family. They did let out some minor details about their plans for Holy Family: they mentioned the PAL and Bayonne Head Start. Our sources in North Hudson are telling us the plan for a Hudson County Social Services program in the former Catholic School are still in the plans, too.

DeMarco Deemed “Not Credible”

So, the guy from Bernardsville is wreaking havoc in Bayonne again. Davis’ top guy decided he was going to fire some workers at City Hall because he didn’t like their politics. This guy’s arrogance is staggering.  DeMarco basically said  he was getting rid of them to save money…then he turned around and hired over 100 new employees. We don’t know if he just doesn’t care about opening the citizens of the City of Bayonne up to lawsuits or if he is truly that incompetent of a Business Administrator. Either way, not a good look for Davis and company. As a result of this ruling, those employees will be getting their jobs back with back pay. To add insult to injury, DeMarco then instructed Davis’ nephew and his Chief of Staff to tell the press that they “don’t agree with the judge’s ruling in the case.” You can’t make this stuff up.

 Citizen Given Spot on Board to End Recall

Well, if you were wondering why the recall effort to remove Sal Gullace ended, this past week’s Council Meeting provided you with an answer. Ryan Walker, the petitioner who mysteriously pulled his petitions, ending the recall of Gullace, was appointed to some useless board. When asked if it was the same Ryan Walker who was trying to recall him, Gullace respond “Yes, I spoke to him and he said he wanted to get involved.”  In other words, Davis and Gullace said, if you end the recall against Gullace, we will put you on a board. Davis and his cronies will go to no ends to try to appear that their power is constant; in reality it is, as we have stated previously, fading fast.

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