By W. Homer Axford

Well, this week’s Council Meeting was a bit revealing. We found out that Mayor Davis gave tax breaks to a whole bunch of downtown residents and tried to keep it a secret. Councilman Gary LaPelusa revealed that Council President Nadrowski and Councilman Cotter’s family members, Mayor Davis’s family members, and others were given secret tax breaks to compensate them for living near the Bayonne Bridge Construction. Bayonne Resident Mike Morris questioned Council President Nadrowski about the arrangement, and Nadrowski replied, “I didn’t know they gave me one (tax break).” Morris then asked why he couldn’t get a tax break, and in the next exchange Nadrowski replied “You have to apply for a tax break.”  Sounds like someone is a bad liar. Either way, this is yet another despicable move by the City Council: first they gave themselves health benefits and didn’t tell anyone, now this. This move is ridiculous — what about people who are putting up with the Turnpike construction uptown? No tax breaks for them. Those who live along Avenue E, and put up with constant Light Rail noise and maintenance –none for them? Why is this? We know the answer: Davis feels that he owes resident of the First Ward some payback for coming out so strongly for him in the last election, even if that means neglecting the rest of Bayonne taxpayers by raising their taxes, while lowering the chosen few’s. The rest of the Council Meeting was the same old stuff: the Council getting caught in lies, disrespecting residents, etc. You can watch some of the highlights below.

Group Seeks to Recall Gullace

Some local residents are trying to recall councilman Sal Gullace. The recall of Gullace requires a lot less signatures than does the Davis recall, so this should easily be done. Speaking of such, have you seen any of those “Recall Davis” signs around town? We have — check the one out below. Win, lose, or draw, Davis is in big trouble if he survives the recall effort come next year and the next election.

A sign of the times?









Final Thoughts

The City is going to steal money from future residents and leaders of Bayonne to fix their mistakes. They will do anything to try to cover up their own incompetence. It’s really sad. They lie, cheat, and steal and it seems there is nothing you can do about it. Oh, wait, there is! Get off your keister and sign the recall petition!!!!

BTW, the windmill isn’t spinning again…will these clowns be held accountable this time? Probably not.





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