By W. Homer Axford


This was a slow week, so this will be brief.  From what we are hearing from our political operatives out on the streets, the recall petitioners aren’t having any problems getting people to sign, and they’re also picking up support from allies out of town. Davis has made some enemies up in North Hudson County for playing footsie with a certain South Jersey state senator and power broker. It turns out that these anti-Davis people from North Hudson met in the Light Horse Tavern last week to discuss what would be done about the Davis recall. Our sources have confirmed that representatives from Jersey City and North Bergen met with recall petitioners, and are now backing them. Things are falling apart fast for Davis. He’d better ax DeMarco ASAP, it is his advice that got Davis where he is. Davis should then try to make things right with the HCDO or his days as Bayonne’s Mayor are numbered.

On the street side, according to one of the people circulating the petition, they already have about a third of the signatures they need to recall Davis. This is incredibly bad news for the Mayor. This shows the recall effort isn’t just the desire of the people who put together the recall, it is the desire of many Bayonne residents, as well. One of the petitioners told us that he had friends calling him that he hasn’t spoken to in years asking to sign the petition.  We guess the idea of a 20% tax increase isn’t appealing to some Bayonne residents.

Taxpayers, Davis, and the rest better hope that City Hall can come up with the 15 million dollars to patch the budget hole. If not, it spells disaster for Bayonne. Either way, the damage is done, and Davis will have a tough time avoiding a recall and an even tougher time winning reelection if he survives the recall. Teachers aren’t exactly happy with Davis either, one actually showed up at the BBOED meeting to profess that he “doesn’t like teaching” anymore. These factors combined may be too much to overcome for Davis. The only question is, will they take him out sooner, or later?


Its a bird, its a plane, its a….Crane?

Whoever had the bright idea of allowing the State of New Jersey to replace their air conditioner units during peak hours on a Saturday should be fired. Oh yeah, why would that happen? No one is ever held accountable for incompetence at City Hall.  In case you didn’t notice, Broadway was a mess on Saturday morning. Many residents were furious about the amount of traffic on Broadway at midtown during the peak hours of the day.  This is yet another example of the incompetence that is spewing from City Hall. We get why they gave the green light to do this non-emergency job on a Saturday afternoon… none of them live here. Why would they care about our headaches? Not like they could shut down Broadway on a Sunday at 7 P.M. No, that doesn’t make sense, do it when in town is out and about.  This City is fully dysfunctional, the sad thing is everyone knows it.

PARCC testing debacle

In case you haven’t noticed, the Board of Education is pretty dysfunctional, too. If you paid attention to the meeting you would see that not only did some teachers show up to express their disdain for the new board and a lack of a contract, some concerned citizens and parents showed up to question the Board on the fumbled PARCC  testing (seen below). Some parents told CBS News they wouldn’t go on record with their concerns for “fear of retaliation” from the district. Sounds like bullying to us. Turns out, not one Board of Education member knows what going on.  Trustee Wilbeck wouldn’t comment on the test, but did say “we haven’t been told everything.” While others just threw their fellow board members and teachers under the bus about the testing “glitch.” It is now blatantly obvious that the Board is packed with political neophytes and suffers from a lack of overall leadership. We think it is time for Mary Jane Desmond to step up to take the ranks of Board President. She is clearly the only one on the Board with awareness or acumen when it comes to governing, budgeting, and policy.

Final thoughts 

Remember when Davis thought this video was going to save Bayonne?

Please note: Political Insiders will be on hiatus this summer. We have a new shore house and lots of work to do on it. Fear not, we will check in with monthly columns and updates until September. 


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