By W. Homer Axford

Two major stories are emerging out of City Hall, but don’t expect the media to pick up on them until after the election. One is for the City to bond more debt — that’s right, more on top of the millions of dollars it already doesn’t have– in order to buy Holy Family. What is the grand plan for Holy Family, you might ask? Davis has gotten his marching orders from the North Hudson bosses, and once again, Bayonne taxpayers will pay the price. They seek to turn Holy Family into a Hudson County Social Service Building by merging it with the BEOF, the Bayonne PAL, and a few other Hudson County Social Service non-profits. This would be a disaster for the residents living in that area and a boon for the North Hudson Bosses. This new Hudson County Social Services building would do two things: one, it would merge all of the grants that these various organizations get, thus making a giant pot of free government money for the Mayor’s political patrons to spread to their cronies and the like; two, it would put all of these organizations in one building, creating a new County building right here in Bayonne, rife with jobs for residents of other Hudson County Municipalities, basically a new patronage mill. The parking and other logistical nightmares this would create in the area of Holy Family and for area residents goes without saying. The Council began the steps to make this a reality at this month’s Council Caucus and will continue the process at the Council meeting on Wednesday. Wondering why there is no agenda online for the Council meeting on Wednesday or from last week’s caucus? Well, they are trying to keep this a secret for obvious reasons, but don’t worry, we got a photo of the agenda from the Council Caucus Meeting (R-21 seen below).


This is yet another brazen attempt by Davis to harm the citizens of Bayonne to appease his out of town masters. Hopefully word of this terrible idea spreads fast, and Bayonne residents step up to the plate to stop this dead in its tracks. We recommend that everyone show up to Wednesday’s Council Meeting to express their disapproval for this horrible plan.

City Hall Employee Spills the Beans in Sworn Testimony 

Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t, but there was a huge ruling this week in favor of some City Hall employees who were fired for political reasons. That story is an interesting one that we will get to later, but the more interesting story is what was said in the testimony of City Hall employee and Davis loyalist Ramon Veloz. (Seen Below) Veloz admits he never interviewed or applied for his job at City Hall, he just “asked a Councilman” for it after working on Davis’ Campaign for Mayor. But what was more disturbing was what Mr. Veloz described as him “helping” “international students:” Mr. Veloz admitted that he gets referrals to his business on Broadway from the Bayonne Housing Authority and the Bayonne Board of Education to translate…we don’t know what exactly. Veloz stops shy of describing what he does for these people. Veloz does, however, tell us he charges Bayonne residents who are referred to him from City and Federal institutions “$25, $20 or $25”. Yeah, take a minute to digest that. People come to America, they choose Bayonne as a place to settle down, our public institutions then send them to a private business owned by the Mayor’s friend to be charged to get public services? It’s a sick world my friends, but this is the Bayonne we live in today, and it’s all in black in white on the next line. Veloz also talks about “helping” the Mayor with “absentee ballots” which don’t exist anymore, but we won’t get into that…yet.

“R A M O N V E L O Z, PETITIONER’S WITNESS  SWORN.  THE WITNESS: I do, sir.  THE COURT: Thank you. State your name and  spell your last name please?  THE WITNESS: Ramon Veloz, V-as in Victor-E-L- Veloz – Direct  1 O-Z-as in Zebra.  THE COURT: Okay. Mr. Cresci?MR. CRESCI: Yes.  DIRECT EXAMINATION BY MR. CRESCI:  Q Good afternoon, Mr. Veloz?  A Good afternoon. Q Mr. Veloz, can you tell me where you are 8 currently employed?  A I work for Hispano American Travel Enterprises in  Bayonne.  Q And that’s a travel agency and a tax preparation place. A Yes, correct.  Q And how long have you worked there?  A For  years.  Q And that’s your full-time job.  A Part-time right now. Q Okay.  A Yes, it is.  Q And what’s your position there?  A Practically, you know, helping with the general  processing and do some translations. I help the people  for the Housing Authority filling out the application. I also help with the Board of Education translations  from every international students that come from Veloz – Direct   Bayonne, they refer them to us. Q Okay. Do you receive — well, strike that.  Did you do any of those type of services for the City  of Bayonne? A No, sir.  Q Okay. A No.  Q Now for the Housing Authority, are you — do  you receive compensation for doing that?  A No. I charge a minimum fee to the people requesting, I’m referred by Housing Authority to do  that, $25, $20 or $25.  Q And the same thing for the Board of Ed?  A Yes.  Q Okay.  A Translations, yeah. Q All right. Did you do any of that type of  work for the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation?  A No, no, no, I never did.  Q Okay. Mr. Veloz, you worked on the Jimmy  Davis campaign. Correct?  A Yes, I did.  Q All right. And what was your position with that campaign?  A No, I just was practically helping the Hispanic Veloz – Direct  community in fact to be — enlightening them to be more  responsible and exercise their right to vote in every election not just in this one. I tried to motivate the  Hispanic community to be a participant — to  participate in the process of the election and I did 6 help a lot of people doing the absentee ballot  application and fill it out and motivated them to say  — I mean, to vote.  Q Okay. And after Mayor Davis was inaugurated, did there come a time that you were employed by the  City of Bayonne as a Housing Inspector?  A After the election I mentioned to Sal and Juan Perez, which are Councilmen, that I would like to get 14 at least a part-time with the City of Bayonne and I  guess that initiated the whole process and I was  offered a part-time job in a Inspector on a weekend basis.  Q Okay.  A For the people complaining about heat or hot  water during the winter. I was hired to do — to 21 perform the duty to call the hotline number every time  — I called the hotline every hour on the weekends and if there is any complaint, perhaps somebody called that 24 has no heat, then I would follow up with a list and the 25 address based on that particular tenant and check and Veloz – Direct  1 make a reading in the apartment and then follow up with 2 the form and I provided it to Mr. Mike.   Q Okay. Now you were paid. Correct?  A Yes, I was paid.  Q $16 an hour, does that sound correct?  A It was something like that, I think it was — if 12 my mind doesn’t trick me, about 700 every two weeks,  $700 and something.  Q Okay. Now who trained you on what to do and where to call and how to fill out the report? 16 A Okay. That was Michael. Q .  A Yeah.  Q All right.   Q Okay. And what days did you work, did you  work Friday night and Saturday night or was it Saturday  and Sunday?  A I normally call — start calling about 6:00 on 25 Friday at least up until 10:00 and then on the Veloz – Direct 1 weekends, Saturday and Sunday, I call from 8 and 2 sometimes 9:00 until 7:00 and I keep track of every  phone call to the hotline. Q Okay. Now just to take a step back, you 5 spoke — you said two Councilmen and the Judge doesn’t  know who, “Sal,” is —  A Right.  Q So that’s Sal Gullace. Right? A Right. Q And he’s our Second Ward Councilman.  A Yes, indeed. 12 Q And then Juan Perez is — A Is the Councilman At-Large.  Q Okay.  A Yes. Q So prior to the City of Bayonne hiring you —  would you say they hired you about December 6, 2014?  Does that sound correct? A No, no.  Q When did they hire you?  A I only worked for — I believe that I started  working in October, October until April, mid April, of 23 2015.  THE COURT: 2014?  THE WITNESS: ‘14, right, until April ‘15. Veloz – Direct MR. CRESCI: All right. Judge, can I approach with a — THE COURT: Sure. Go ahead. MR. CRESCI: — a New Hire Transfer Form? THE COURT: Yeah, and while you’re doing that just tell me what Sal’s last name was. MR. CRESCI: Gullace, G-U-L-L-A-C-E. 8 THE COURT: Thank you.  MR. ROTH: Your Honor — THE COURT: This is not one of your exhibits? 11 MR. CRESCI: It’s not one of my exhibits, it’s to refresh his recollection because obviously there’s a different hire date on it and I think we have a  different termination date. THE COURT: All right. Let’s mark it anyway, let’s see what you got here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 on your exhibit list.  MR. CRESCI: Yes. THE COURT: You told me the second page you 20 weren’t going to use.  MR. CRESCI: From exhibit “I” down — or I  mean, exhibit “I” up, so starting with exhibit “J” we 23 don’t want.  THE COURT: You’re not using. 25 MR. CRESCI: We’re not using, yes. Veloz – Direct 239 1 THE COURT: And exhibit “G” is not in yet.  MR. CRESCI: Correct.  THE COURT: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, this 4 will be P-10. ”

To Read Veloz Full Deposition Click Here Page 233

Davis Invites Teachers to City Hall

In a letter to teachers, but addressed to Bayonne Teachers Association President Alan D’Angelo, Mayor Davis invited negotiators to City Hall this Thursday to discuss the contract. This was more of a political stunt than a good faith effort, as Davis must know, or maybe not, that no union president would ever negotiate a contract with a Mayor directly. But, hey, way to keep politics out of the schools. This attempt to draw attention away from the fact that it is both Mayor Davis’ fault as well as others that the teachers are going into the holidays without raises will probably fall flat and never again be spoken about, but we just thought it was worth bringing up how little respect the Mayor has for the intelligence of the teachers of the City of Bayonne.

Final Thoughts

Well, tomorrow is Election Day — make sure you get out and vote. The candidates may not be very appealing to you, but this election is an important one. There are many questions that will remain on the local level after Tuesday, the most prominent being when will the reign of terror at the hands of outside influencers end? Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to that one, only you do.

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