By W. Homer Axford


If you were paying attention to the local media this week, you would think that Bayonne is now the new Short Hills of Hudson County. Hudson County TV — you know, the website Mayor Davis pays tens of thousand of dollars in “advertising” fees to?  Yeah, them — they ran a “story” claiming that “Bayonne is Undergoing a Major Transformation.” That is probably an easy mistake to make, being that Hudson County TV is based in North Hudson, and they don’t spend much time in Bayonne. We won’t even get started on the conflicts and possible criminal element to the fact that Davis uses taxpayer money to pay a website that writes fluff pieces (positive stories)  about his administration. Seems more like political campaigning. We won’t go there… yet. The Hudson County TV story was referring to two projects that were done completely by the former Administration.  One project is a small apartment building, and the other is a block long project. The two projects are far from “transforming” Bayonne. So the question we have now is, what exactly HAS Davis done in his two + years as mayor? The fact is, Bayonne is undergoing a major transformation, just not in that way.  The taxes are soaring, spending is out of control, Bayonne is tens of MILLIONS of dollars in debt, and our elected officials are not responsive to what people are asking for. Yet, Davis loves to take credit for things that have been in the pipeline for years in Bayonne, even back to the 1990s.  Davis also has the ugly habit of blaming others for Bayonne’s problems, like when he raised taxes. Or when he couldn’t deliver a contract to the teachers (he promised one to 2 years ago).  So Davis seems to be living in an alternate universe, where everything good done in Bayonne by previous administrations was done by him, and everything bad that he has done, was someone else’s fault.  Davis hasn’t done anything good for Bayonne over the past two years… and we don’t expect him to do anything good in the next.


BBOED Drug Dilemma

So a few teachers  aides got into trouble last week for selling and using drugs. According to our sources at the Bayonet Board of Education, this is not an isolated incident. Apparently their have been so many instances of drug abuse by Bayonne teachers in the past couple of years, the board and the union president are in agreement on at least one issue. Teachers need to be randomly tested for drug use.  Our sources are telling us that Union President Allen D’Angelo is currently drafting a plan with the board to set up a drug testing system similar to the police and fire drug testing system.


Final Thoughts

The windmill still isn’t moving, it has cost you a million dollars so far. That is all.

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