By W. Homer Axford

In case you missed it, Mayor Davis sunk to a new low this week by using the Bayonne Community News to play to the crowd and send a political message to the Bayonne Board of Education. Why is this an issue? Well, in doing so, he used tax payer money to launch a political attack. Davis took to his Facebook page to spread that same political message, this time laying off the Bayonne taxpayer, as you paid for his previous message in the Community News. (Seen Below) Have no fear, this violation of taxpayer funds has been reported to the proper authorities. By our count, Davis has broken campaign finance laws about a dozen times this far. But, that is besides the point.

According to Bayonne Board of Education President Joseph Broderick, Mayor Davis overspent on the last teachers contract, then took nearly $3 million from the Board to put into the City’s budget. (Also seen below) So for Davis to pretend he needs “simple answers,” there is actually quite a simple answer: half the “missing money” isn’t missing, you took it to fill your budget holes. Davis knows this, due to excessive hiring and spending, Davis must raise taxes once again, but he thinks he can fool you. Davis thinks he can play a shell game with money he took from the Board of Education, then blame them for raising taxes. A sick and silly game that tries to play the Bayonne taxpayers for clowns. As you can see from the many comments on Davis’ post, most Bayonne taxpayers aren’t buying it. It is hard to hide the hypocrisy of running a city into the ground and having to raise taxes for 4 years in a row, then getting mad because the Board of Education has to raise them once, partly because you shook them down for half the money you are complaining about.

The municipal election is right around the corner, expect more grandstanding and stunts out of City Hall. Also expect to be promised the world by City Officials as they scurry to whitewash the failures of their tenure running Bayonne.




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