By W. Homer Axford

This was another slow week so this will be brief. Residents seeking to stop the monstrous building from being built on their street were told they wouldn’t be able to stop the developer from moving forward due to them filing their lawsuit too late. Too bad it had to come to this, but it did, because the Mayor and the City Council wouldn’t listen to their demands for a few minor changes to the building. Instead, they are having a 10 story building and a gigantic parking lot shoved down their throats and there is nothing they can do about it. It is a shame that these poor people had to spend their own money to take the City to court, only to have the case dismissed, but this is the City we live in — run by a Mayor who takes orders from his out of town masters, not the people he swore to serve.

Coalition Forming to oust Davis

A coalition of like-minded Bayonne residents has been meeting in Bayonne on a weekly basis. They consist of concerned citizens, doctors, lawyers, educators, businesspeople and the like. So, not only are the Hudson County bosses conspiring to remove Davis from office, groups within his own town are starting to meld together to form alliances to take him and his cronies out of City Hall. The people have seen enough, and names are flying around for potential successors, but as we said, it is way too early to speculate on who will be chosen to challenge Davis next year. One thing is for sure, there will be a challenge, and it will be formidable.

A Spy is Amongst You

Just a quick heads up for all you teachers who go into work on the 30th street side of Bayonne High School. There is a school board trustee who sits in their car each morning and watches you all come in, just to see who is coming in late. This member is keeping tabs on you all. Yes, this is how bitter and personal this contract dispute has gotten. Just be careful out there.

Speaking of the unsettled teachers contract, it seems that Bayonne Teachers Association President Alan D’Angelo has sent an email to all members suggesting that they don’t participate in after school activities until a contract is reached — essentially, a half strike. It is bad enough the teachers held out so long and settled for a lesser contract than what they were offered by the previous administration, now they should lose more money by not showing up to their second jobs? This contract situation is out of control. With every trustee running for office promising the teachers a contract and every trustee who ran last time promising the teachers a contract added with Mayor Davis who promised the teachers a contract, it makes you wonder… why don’t the teachers have a contract?

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