By W. Homer Axford 


It has been a rough week for Jimmy Davis and the City Council. The Council Meeting was a disgrace, the teachers protested at City Hall, and the FBI paid a visit to several Davis Administration Officials. Sources inside City Hall tell us that one of those officials was Municipal Services Director,  Davis ally, and DeMarco school chum, Rob Wondolowski. Conveniently enough, Wondolowski quietly announced his resignation on Christmas Eve to the news media, citing “health reasons.” Sources tell us things are about to go bad for old Wondo. Davis and DeMarco are in panic mode over this. They forced Wondo to resign in an attempt to distance themselves from him.  It is rumored that this all has to do with a shady real estate deal that involved Wondolowski, DeMarco, a certain real estate agent, a school board trustee, and other City officials. If we had to bet which shady real estate deal it was, we would presume the vacant lot the city bought on Broadway for $900,000, then sold back to a developer.  Then they gave some other City owned land in the vicinity to that same developer. Yeah, that sounds legit. At this point, it is too soon to speculate too much. According to P.J. Leonard (seen below), this could have to do with any number of illegal activities he saw Davis and company participating in during his time as a top campaign lieutenant and a Davis Aide in City Hall. From what we are hearing, either way, this is bad news for Davis. The Davis house of cards is collapsing fast. The corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and patronage that have been going on for the better part of this year are yielding unexpectedly fast consequences for Davis and the City Council. The only questions left are will the people recall him, will the authorities remove them, or will the people have to suffer with them for 2 more years?

The Naughty List #s 6-10

6) Care Point Health and Bayonne Medical Center: Not only is Care Point considered one of the highest billing hospitals in New Jersey, they also hired a Bayonne City Councilman presumably to gain influence in City Hall.  Unfortunately for Care Point, the hiring of Sal Gullace didn’t do much to stop St. Barnabas Health  from opening up a rival emergency room on Broadway, close to the hospital. What is Gullace’s job title anyway, can anyone tell us?

7) Councilman Gary LaPelusa: We gotta admit, in the first part of his term, Gary was growing on us. He seemed to be an independent voice for the people of the third ward. Then he decided to take taxpayer funded illegal health benefits for the SECOND TIME as a public official. The first time Gary attempted to get health benefits from the state, his friend and political counterpart Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone was arrested and later plead guilty to charges. LaPelusa was then reelected on the Davis ticket. The second time Gary took the health benefits, it took a whistleblower (P.J. Leonard) to bring this to the publics attention. We mean, come on, you can’t make this stuff up! Bayonne people wonder why this town is so screwed — “public servants” like Gary LaPelusa are a perfect example of exactly why that is. LaPelusa has stated that this time he will pay the money back, but we have yet to see that happen.

8) Councilman Sal Gullace: Just watch this video.

9) The Bayonne Board of Education: Under the direction of Mayor Jimmy Davis, the Bayonne Board of Education has been thrust into a new category of patronage mill. We can’t keep up with the new hires and promotions over there, the rate we put in open public records requests literally can’t keep up with the hiring. We will see if this changes once the newly elected BBOED members take office — afterall, Davis lost 3 out of 5 seats. However, we are sure Davis will find a way to get what he wants done over there.

10) Bayonne Board of Education Trustee Chris Piechocki: Chris is a late edition — he actually bumped someone off this list. Piechocki is an opportunist and a hand-picked Davis operative. Remember that certain real estate agent we were talking about at the beginning of this column? Yeah, we are hearing that is Piechocki. Not only did Piechocki “acquire” and boot kids out of a warehouse where many skaters and bikers spent their leisure time, he turned it into an “sports facility” for the select few. Very Grinch-like behavior.  He also was the “real estate agent” for the recently torn down historic Smith property on Kennedy Boulevard. Piechocki has cast some bizarre votes as a member of the Board of Education and has yet to take a solid position on anything, except him making money from his access to Davis. It will be interesting to see how this FBI stuff plays out and if Piechocki is really involved in it.

Final Thoughts

Have a happy New Year! But, plan on putting away a little extra money this year — our sources are telling us to expect a major tax increase in the near future. Stay tuned for our round the clock coverage of the happenings at City Hall, we are hearing its about to get really interesting.

Also, the windmill still isn’t spinning…….


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  1. If true, whoever these people are should get what the law demands. I am afraid the next thing to be looked into by the FBI will be the MUA. Things just continue to go wrong not only now, but for many years before this admin.

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