By W. Homer Axford

The jury is in: some of the newly elected trustees at the Bayonne Board of Education are totally and utterly clueless. In case you missed it, they seem to think that grandstanding about small budget issues will somehow solve the large budget issues that the BBOED has. You can read all about that here. These types of instances of grandstanding are dangerous; much like the United States Congress, the Bayonne Board of Education is getting closer to a place where the members grandstand and run their mouths rather than get things done for the voters. Moving to an elected school board has shown to be one of the worst decisions voters in Bayonne have made since they elected Jimmy Davis. Some of the board members are doing a great job, but most of them are petty and self interested. They think what they are doing will get them reelected, but it is really making them look lost and confused.

A lack of quality candidates on the ballot left us with the worst of the worst, but who could blame anyone for not wanting to run for a Board of Education seat? A single board member can’t do much, and in the current environment, their isn’t any hope of teamwork or compromise. Some board members are taking the Tea Party approach of voting “no” on everything, even if it comes at a small financial cost, but carries a huge benefit to students. Unfortunately, many of the board members don’t really care about students, they care about advancing their political careers. Unfortunately for most of them, the Bayonne Board of Education will be their last stop on the elected office train. If you can’t solve the problems there, no one will trust you to solve the problems at City Hall, or anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Well, in about a week we will be about 11 months from our next municipal campaign. Bayonne is in terrible shape. There is a total lack of leadership at City Hall and this problem is trickling down to the Bayonne Board of Education. Students and taxpayers are suffering immensely from an administration that only cares about enriching themselves on the backs of taxpayers. Expect more of the same: grandstanding, blaming others, and complacency. You won’t get any more from the folks in power. They resort to these tactics because they have no clue how to govern or solve the problems of the City of Bayonne and the Board of Education. Expect this to continue until you demand a change.

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