By W. Homer Axfrord

Well,  if you didn’t hear the bad news, we hate to be the ones who have to inform you.  Like we’ve been saying for months, taxes are going up. Don’t get your hopes up, the tax increase isn’t going to be a 2.9% increase, like Davis said. Davis is leaving out two major parts of the story: Board of Education just came to their final budget, and they are looking at a 6% increase in their budget — yup, that gets passed to the City. So, we are looking at a tax increase of at least 9%. The second part is: that doesn’t even include the county number. There are a few reasons for this, and the excessive hiring and spending by the Davis Administration is the first. A major problem for Davis is this time, he has no one else to blame. Davis is, however, trying to blame things like “snow removal” for the tax increase, when back in January, he bragged that snow removal would cost next to nothing. Well, half that story is true, only Davis left out that he hired all his friends to remove the snow… they made a mint while the Bayonne taxpayers footed the bill. The reason taxes are going up is simple, Davis hired his nephew to a top spot at City Hall, he bought himself a new SUV his first day in office, he refurnished and re-floored the Mayor’s Office when he first got elected. He hired uncontrollably at the Board of Education and the City to pay political patronage. His lackey broke the windmill because he forgot to renew the maintenance contract, and that cost Bayonne taxpayers a million —  no one was held accountable. He built a circus tent with a million dollars, and the thing holds wrestling events. Not to mention the little tidbits like the Police Captain who had his guns taken away this week. We are now paying this guy over $125k to sit around and do nothing because he can’t drive, either.  The list goes on and on.

The second problem is Davis is giving millions of dollars in tax abatements to wealthy developers in hopes they will dump millions into his campaign coffers.  Davis had the audacity to announce that he is giving two more 25 year tax abatements to wealthy developers hours after he announced a tax increase. Now, either someone in the Mayor’s Office is incompetent, or Davis just simply doesn’t give a hell about you. The latter seems to make the most sense since ALL of Davis’s directors are from out of town. They take their large salaries down the shore while Bayonne rots away.

Meanwhile, the Fire Chief retired last week and his pension information was in the paper the next day. Davis retired, God knows when, and the public knows nothing about his payout.  Along with others, we have filed numerous open public records requests for Davis’s information, and we have been denied many times. Maybe it is time we sued.  There are two sets of rules in Bayonne: the rules for the Bayonne taxpayers, and the Davis rules.  The taxpayers pay the bill and get little to nothing in return, not even honest representation. Davis and his lap dogs get to run this town like their own personal bank . The hardihood behavior by Davis and company is a disgrace, and we for one are sick and tired of it.

Final Thoughts 

The chickens have come home to roost. Hopefully Bayonne can survive two more  years under Davis. Hopefully the good, hard-working people of Bayonne can hold on just a couple of more years. We really don’t want to move, but it is not affordable to live here and the quality of life is garbage. Try to hold on people, please.


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