By W. Homer Axford

Hi all, just checking in from our Tuckerton estate.Things are coming along just fine. We have friendly neighbors, all is well. Hope you had a great 4th of July. We will be up for the fireworks tomorrow — hope they are good, taxpayers paid a boat load of money for them. Speaking of which, the Council has filled the hole in their budget, YAY! Well, don’t celebrate so fast, they basically took out a “JG Wentworth” type loan on the backs of the Bayonne taxpayers: the future citizens of this city are now are lending the Council 15 million dollars. Citizens of Bayonne will pay for the incompetence of this administration for decades into the future. This administration is doing such a good job, they are screwing over people in the future! Kids not even born yet will be paying for their budget — holy schnikes, we didn’t think that could be possible! These schmucks found a way to do it. It’s like an inception of incompetence. This is their legacy: they are screwing Bayonnes in parallel universes. Utterly amazing.  Congrats, Bayonne class of 2016! You’ll be paying this debt down, wait….. Congrats Henry E. Harris pre-K class of 2016!! You’ll be paying this debt down, wait… Congrats, …well, you get it. For the rest of us, looks like the city is still about 3 million short of plugging their budget.  Expect a much larger tax increase than advertised.

Here is Jimmy Davis complaining about the previous administration “selling off” Bayonne. He said he wouldn’t do that. Now, he’s not only selling off Bayonne, he is selling it out. But what does he care? Things don’t go right here, its back to Rahway.


Shooting on 17th Street

Yep, there was another shooting in Bayonne last week. Seems like there has been a lot more incidents like this in Bayonne over the last couple of years. When are we gonna get an update on Jimmy’s gang arrests?

City Official Berates Citizen 

Yeah, that happened, too. Just watch.



Hometown Fair: Another Year, Another Failure

You guys catch the hometown fair? We thought not. No one went. The funniest part was when they decided to put the dunk tank in front of Barney Stock. First pitch of the game went right through the plate glass window. We were in stitches — lucky some little kid wasn’t…

Not So Happy Summer for Bayonne Teachers, But More Unhappy for McGeehan 

Bayonne teachers will be going into ANOTHER summer without a contract. Meanwhile, the BBOED continues to fight and bicker over issues they do not understand. They are also gave raises to every group of the Bayonne Board of Education BUT Bayonne teachers.

The BBOED also took the first steps in ousting the Superintendent, her contract is up in 2017.  The Super needed a vote to renew her contract, but she didn’t get it.  This was done by the board in the most passive aggressive way possible, with many of them abstaining from voting all together.  Therefore, if nothing changes, in 2017 the contract just expires. We guess the new board members are trying not to ruffle any feathers.  From what we are hearing an interim Superintendent will be appointed to get around the current salary cap placed on new school Chiefs. As an interim, the new Superintendent will be able to keep, let’s say his, bloated administrative salary. The patronage mill is alive and well up at the BBOED. New faces, same old game.

Here is Jimmy talking about the teachers deserving a contract and state auditors coming in…whatever happened with that? Oh, nothing. Are you seeing a trend here?

Davis Paying Back Promises 

A certain fireman was promised a promotion, but he couldn’t pass the test so Jimmy just gave him a sweet new overtime gig that a civilian used to do for regular pay. The patronage and cronyism continues at City Hall, but did you expect less?

Recall Petition Close to Goal

The recallers are close to the number of signatures they need to recall Mayor Davis and Sal Gullace. We were shown petitions, and they passed our sniff test. You should expect a motion by those seeking the recall to be presented to the City Clerk before the summer is out. Now, whether or not the clerk accepts those petitions, that is another story.  We would say we hope that they succeed in triggering a recall election, but this effort doesn’t go far enough. The powers that be will still control the City with a majority council no matter what happens. Well, good luck anyway recallers. Job well done.

Final Thoughts 

Your town is being looted. Not even currently looted, but also future looted. If you didn’t think that was a real thing, this administration has proved you wrong. It’s gonna be a long hot summer — pay attention many changes will be coming to Bayonne this fall. Believe it or not, you only have one more summer with Jimmy, Joe, Sharon and the gang running your government. They most certainly won’t be reelected — that is one thing we are sure of. The only question that remains is who will step up to save the City? Will it be you?

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