By W. Homer Axford


This will be the last weekly column until September — as we’ve mentioned before, we have tons of work to do on our shore house and our tan. But, fear not, we will do a monthly column for the summer, as well as stories for any breaking or pressing issues.

Let’s get started: in case you haven’t heard, the County is raising your taxes an additional 4.2%.  Your Freeholder voted yes to the tax increase without hesitation. We guess it really doesn’t matter, Davis won’t be choosing him to run again anyway. You’d think the guy would stand up to him under those circumstances…but, apparently not.

Also, the  hiring freeze is a scam — the City is still spending money like water. The latest in the long line of reckless spending is the BPD’s purchase of some 3 unmarked police cars.  Two cars will go into the fleet. They may need them, who knows? That’s not the problem. The problem is the Chief of Police will be taking one home.  Not only is he one of the highest paid chief’s in the state, he lives down the shore. So, we pay his astronomical salary, his tolls, and his gas so he can drive from South Jersey to Bayonne each day. Doesn’t sound like we are “putting the taxpayer first,” Mayor Jim.  Fun fact: the Chief of Police didn’t show up to Bayonne for 2 or 3 days after Hurricane Sandy.  So the question has got to be, what are taxpayers paying for?


Rats Begin to Scurry as Davis Administration Falls Apart

Evidently, the recall effort has the City Hall rats scrambling. What is left of Davis’ key supporters is dwindling. The pinnacle of this may be City Law Director Jay Coffey. Apparently, Coffey has had enough of lying to investigators for DeMarco and Davis. According to sources close to Coffey, Coffey is afraid that his law licenses could once again be in jeopardy if he continues to toe the line for Davis and company. This all came to a head last week as Coffey and DeMarco had a very public shouting match over some documents that investigators have requested from City Hall. Coffey may be the next one to resign his post –he certainly doesn’t want to go down in history the way Davis and DeMarco will.

Gullace Recall Gets Go Ahead

The effort to recall Councilman Sal Gullace has gotten legal authority to begin. Like we have stated previously, the recall effort is in full swing and recallers will have a much easier time getting rid of Gullace than they will Mayor Davis, but none the less, both will be gone, one maybe sooner than later.


Underage Drinking Party at Councilperson’s Shore House Broken Up by Cops

This story is breaking, being that it just happened this weekend. But, we are sure the local media will report on it. It showed up on a shore town’s official police Facebook page, but has since been removed. Well, you heard it here first, anyway: one of the Bayonne Council people’s house was raided by shore town police this weekend. Turns out that Councilperson was hosting a drinking party for under-aged party goers. Parents had to be called to come pick up their intoxicated children. Like we said, this is a developing story,we will get back to soon with more details if other media outlets don’t get the info first.


Mayor and Directors No Shows for BFD Medal Ceremony 

Shameful display at the 20 year medal ceremony for Bayonne’s Bravest. None of the City’s directors, Council People nor the Mayor showed up to show homage to the BFD. Guess there was too much traffic on the Parkway, or some had crazy parties to clean up after. Either way, bad message to Bayonne Firefighters who fought more fires this year than in recent memory.


Final Thoughts

The City lost 15 million dollars…they will basically take a loan from future Bayonne Mayor’s to pay down some of it. Wow.

Well, Bayonne has many problems. Taxes are going up, your local government is incompetent and incapable of solving the City’s problems, and it doesn’t seem to bother them that much. They continue to use City Hall as their personal ATM machine, while making baseless proclamations about “hiring freezes” and “building new parks.” The sad part is, these people are fooling many. The ones who don’t buy it are out there trying to recall these frauds and set the ship back on the right course. Its a shame, all of City Hall’s leaders are getting rich and taking their fat salaries out of town to grow their own town’s economies. Bayonne taxpayers are once again left holding the bag.

Have the council people paid back the City for  illegally receiving health benefits? We have put in a formal request to City Hall to no avail. Would be funny to see if they are lying, or if they really did pay back the 10s of thousands they owe Bayonne Taxpayers. Until next time, try to have a great summer… if you can afford it.

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