By W. Homer Axford

This was a relatively slow week, so this will be quick. The Bayonne Board of Education will be following up with its initial round of layoffs with more layoffs at this week’s BBOED meeting. In addition to the layoffs, 8 principals will be returning to the classroom and a few administrators will be doing the same. Notices went out a few weeks ago to those who would be a target of such moves. Mayor Jimmy Davis has vowed to save his people at the BBOED, but sources are telling us that some of the Mayor’s most loyal supporters will be among those going back to the classroom. This spells more trouble for Davis. Davis has almost no support going into the 2018 election, and these layoffs won’t garner him any more.

Unions Not Happy with Davis

In case you missed the City Council Meeting last week, there was one story that wasn’t covered in the news: large numbers of Hudson County union members showed up to the meeting to express their disgust with the lack of union labor in the City of Bayonne’s new development projects. Bayonne is home to more union labor than any other town in Hudson County. That being said, not only is Davis letting taxpayers get the shaft by handing out abatements, he isn’t even requiring that the work be done by Bayonne residents. This is a huge problem that past Administrations usually avoided by implementing Project Labor Agreements for all new Bayonne development. This is yet another costly mistake for Davis. As we have stated before, Davis needs all the help he can get and the loss of the union constituency won’t help him. Davis has little to no support left within Bayonne, so expect (even more) out of town entities to be heavily involved in his 2018 re-election bid, as they are the only ones making money. But as Bayonne has shown many times in the past, hometown rule always beats out of town interests.

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