By W. Homer Axford


As many of you saw this week, the State of New Jersey has approved Mayor Davis’ request to get his pension while he collects his $72,000 mayor’s  salary. Why all the “pension drama,” you ask? Well, that goes back to a law that was passed last year. New Jersey lawmakers decided it would be a good idea to try to save the New Jersey pension system so the hard working people of New Jersey would have pensions in the future. It’s simple: the law states that if you have a public job, you cannot collect your pension. If your pension is more than your public salary, you can simply just swap them, but you cannot collect both. Makes sense, right?  Wrong! Not if you’re Jimmy Davis. He decided he wanted both. First, he just tried to change the law to get his way.  Well, that didn’t work. Trenton lawmakers thought he was nuts when he lobbied them to change the law, and they told Mayor Davis NO! Out of political options, Jimmy decided to resort to some legal ones and file for a “hardship” with the state… and he won. If a “hardship” is not making nearly $200,000 a year, then we are some of the most hard knock lifers in Bayonne. Mayor Davis somehow convinced the State of New Jersey that he couldn’t survive off of $120,000 a year (his pension). He claimed he needed $192,000 (his pension PLUS the mayor’s salary) to live. Now we, the taxpayers of New Jersey, are on the hook for that money. Oh yeah, and an extra $180,000 of “back pay” for the time he spent not collecting his pension.  So at the end of the day, Mayor Davis walks away with nearly a quarter of a million dollars, plus an extra $192,000 dollars a year going forward. If you find nothing wrong with this, then you are just as equally guilty for the financial situation the City of Bayonne and the State of New Jersey are in.  If Mayor Davis was a real leader he wouldn’t have scammed the system to get money for himself. If Mayor Davis was a real leader and really cared about the taxpayers of Bayonne, he would forfeit his mayor’s salary.  He would respect the laws that were passed by the representatives of the State of New Jersey and abide by them. Being an elected official isn’t about looking out for yourself, Mayor Davis, it is about looking out for the taxpayers. But, if the past behavior of Davis’ Administration has taught us anything, the last thing on Davis, DeMarco, and Nadrowski’s mind is the Bayonne Taxpayers. They continue to thumb their noses at Bayonne residents by either not enforcing laws, breaking them, or trying to find ways to usurp them.

School Board Representatives Sworn In

The newly elected Bayonne Board of Education School Board Trustees were sworn in last week. With three new teachers on the board, the Bayonne teachers are still no clearer on when they will get a contract.  If you happened to watch the swearing in ceremony (we did), you may have noticed the portentous letter Mayor Davis made a board trustee read during the event ( seen above). It basically said,  “do what I said to do two months ago, you know the thing that was rejected by the teachers’ union.” This basically translates to, “I’m not budging on the teachers’ contract.” So it seems, the guy who cried and complained about the teachers not having a contract when he ran for office, is the guy who doesn’t care that they don’t have one while he’s in office. What do they call people like that again?  Also, we are still waiting to hear from all the advocates who marched with the teachers outside City Hall two years ago. Those Davis supporters who ran for School Board and others. Where are they now?  Could they be hypocrites, too?


City Hall Still Mum on Investigations

It has been nearly a month since Davis confidant and DeMarco school buddy Rob Wondolowski resigned from his high ranking post at City Hall. The reason that Wondolowski hasn’t been replaced probably has to do with the fact that investigators need to sort through files and other potential evidence in Wondolowski’s offices. Not exactly a friendly working environment, one would imagine.


Final Thoughts

The City is in financial ruin. Your elected officials are concerned with getting themselves raises or more taxpayer money through their power and influence.  They have little to no concern for the people who work in Bayonne and teach our children, and they expect you to support them. Our message this week is for those who are being dumped on by this Administration: Teachers, if your fellow teachers don’t have a contract, go ahead and mail those fundraiser tickets back to Davis and the rest.  Say, ” I would love to attend, but ya know… life.” That would be great. City Hall employees, where are your raises? The Administration has gotten a few in the last 2 years, have you?  By the way, is that windmill spinning yet? Probably not…wait, let us check …nope.  BTW, where can we get one of those “Fire DeMarco signs?” We like them, but we would like a sign that reads “Fire Davis.” Thanks.  H.

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