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Slow week, so this will be very brief. The fallout from last week’s City Council meeting has been pretty epic. City Hall has been scrambling to cover up its tracks as it pertains to all that was exposed at the Council meeting. DeMarco has instructed all department heads to go into full coverup mode — as we speak, documents that reference anyone knowing of the impending budget crisis prior to the official date are being “lost.” But, that is no surprise.

Under the direction of Mayor Davis, in an attempt to divert attention away from the damning City Council meeting, they dedicated a park about 6 months before it is opened. They have been going to events all over town — usually they are hiding in bars or at their out of town estates. It is clear these guys are in panic mode. Congratulations, you have them squirming. But, there is so much more to do.

Still no teachers contract, loyalists seem to be turning on union pres. 

It seems that past supporters of Union President Alan D’Angelo are changing their tune a bit. It used to be that what Alan said was gospel. Now, not so much. Why, you ask? Well, no one knows. Maybe these teachers are fed up. Maybe they really want a contract. Or, maybe they realize the guy they backed for Mayor is a fraud and they are too proud to admit that he is screwing them and their colleagues over royally. We will let you decide who the union busters and the good faith negotiators are this time around. Either way, the City is broke as a joke. The teachers aren’t getting a contract anytime soon. This only means Alan will remain in his position as Union President, as he cannot be removed when a contract is being negotiated.

Final thoughts

Like we said, this would be brief, and it was. Goodbye.

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Bayonne Happening Episode 2 from BayonneHappening on Vimeo.

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