By W. Homer Axford

Let’s get right down to business: we are about three weeks out from Election Day and Mayor Davis has told at least 6 school board candidates that he is supporting them “behind the scenes.” You know who you are, and you’ve been lied to. The fact of the matter is Mayor Davis cannot support you. His campaign accounts are empty — go ahead and look, here is the link to NJELEC. The Mayor is incredibly unpopular and everyone in the State of New Jersey knows it. He can’t afford to endorse school board candidates this time around. The only thing he can do is tell most of them he is supporting them, then if they win, invite them to a central location on election night… just like after the last school board election when his candidates lost. The Mayor has bigger fish to fry, one of them being his plummeting approval rating. People are rapidly distancing themselves from the Mayor, and what is left of his inner “circle” is starting to hit the road. A few prominent Bayonne residents have already been approached by the Hudson bosses as possible replacements to the Mayor. Word is spreading fast and people are looking for life rafts, better get yours before they run out.

As for the school board race, we won’t be endorsing anyone. This is supposed to be a free election, as Mayor Jimbo said, so go nuts. The real losers in this election will be Bayonne teachers due to the incompetence of the Mayor and the City Council. The botched development deal at the MOT that led to the selling of future assets is something Bayonne will bare the burden of for GENERATIONS. Some of the extra 8 million could’ve easily been used to settle current and future labor disputes in Bayonne. A cool draft has blown through Bayonne and it has been revealed that the emperor wears no drawers.

Development in Bayonne

Another sign of desperation from the Davis Administration appeared in this week’s Jersey Journal. A series of drawings labeled ‘What will Bayonne’s Future Development Look Like?’ 1. Half the finished projects on the list were done by other Administrations. 2. The other half were drawings of projects that will never happen or have been “happening” for decades due to contamination, legal battles, rattle snakes, Jay Coffey, etc. 3. Jimmy has done nothing for Bayonne. There hasn’t been one thing, a single thing built in Bayonne since Jimmy has been Mayor. Literally, if you can name one thing Jimmy has done put it down in the comments, but you have to provide proof. That is his problem. This is why DeMarco is begging the Jersey Journal to writing pathetic articles like this one. Davis is in trouble. Expect more desperate attempts to make Davis look good like this in the future. More drawings of imaginary Bayonne. All you people looking for lifeboats, ask yourself, are you gonna be with Jimbo when he’s drawing pictures of what Bayonne is GOING TO look like in when he runs for re-election? Think about it.

Final Thoughts

Mayor Davis is losing support as each day passes. He is desperate, and it looks like his administration is in its final throws and they still have a year and a half left to govern.  It would seem to us like they don’t even have the will to do so. Half of the people up there don’t care about Bayonne, the other half don’t even know what they are doing there. It is truly a sad situation and the only ones suffering are the Bayonne taxpayers. It gets redundant week after week saying the same things, but we must keep fighting to change the town we all love so much.

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