By W. Homer Axford

Well, ground has been broken on the project that no one wanted. Not that one, the one on Broadway and 46th Street. Commonly referred to as the Resnick’s Project, this 10-story eyesore that was opposed by neighbor and nocturnal creature alike will be going up because it makes Jimmy Davis’ top guy’s brother a little richer. That’s right — despite all the opposition from Bayonne residents (see below), this thing is going up. Just another reminder of what Jimmy Davis and his cronies who don’t live in Bayonne think about you. Do us a favor? Please watch Part 1 and 2 of the video below. If you can tell us that your government cares about your opinion after watching these videos, we will never write another column again. People weren’t asking for the project to be killed, they just wanted it to be a few floors lower and some parking modifications made, but…no dice. A 10- story building shoved right down your throat. Mainly because Jimbo’s top guy Joe DeMarco’s brother works for the financier of the project and stands to lose out big if the project doesn’t get done as is. All of these facts come to light in the Council meeting seen below. It’s worth the watch, trust us.

Nicholas Chiaravalloti gets richer

We are not sure if you read resident Matt Kopko’s letter last week in the Jersey Journal. If not, you should check it out here. He made some good points about conflicts of interest and our Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti. Well, here is another one. There will be new meters coming to Broadway — high tech ones, the ones you don’t need to use change in, ones you can use your credit card with. Maybe this infrastructure upgrade is needed, maybe not, we don’t know. But, what we do know is that a vendor has been chosen to do the job, and the attorneys for that vendor are none other than Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti’s firm. We mean, you can’t make this stuff up. This guy is working both sides of the board on multiple development deals in town, and now this. Does Assemblyman Chiaravalloti’s greed know no limits? We are truly sickened by this. Hopefully someone can inform the proper authorities, there is no way that this could be legal.

Central Garage to be privatized, that ain’t going away

Trust us, DPW’s Central Garage will be privatized. The hold up comes from contractual disputes between a certain company located adjacent to the property who is buying Central Garage so it can expand its operation. Apparently, Davis and DeMarco have a new location set up in North Bergen for the Bayonne fleet to be serviced — one of DeMarco’s boys, you guessed it. Bad news for Bayonne DPW workers at Central Garage; it’s likely that the ones who are in with Davis will be hired by the company taking over, and the others will be laid off.

Promotions galore 

Maybe you didn’t hear it. Well, it wasn’t publicized, so you didn’t. But there were more promotions on the Bayonne Fire Department this weekend, which brings the count to one boss for every one fireman, or just about, not joking. Who will put out the fires?? Anyway, the Bayonne Police Department is in a similar situation. In the midst of the largest crime wave ever seen in Bayonne, half the department are bosses. It’s a familiar tactic: a mix of incompetence,  a police chief who lives out of town and who never lived in Bayonne, and political patronage. Together it makes for disastrous results for Bayonne taxpayers. The Bayonne Police Department and Fire Department are stellar organizations, but the leadership is terrible and those officers, firemen, and Bayonne taxpayers are paying the price.



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