By  W. Homer Axford

The weather is changing, but the laissez faire attitude towards spending at City Hall isn’t. There are a ton of promotions and raises in the pipeline.  As of now, there will be 7 new floating captains on the fire department at about a cost of $125K a pop.  The BPD now has as many captains as the Jersey City Police Department.  It seems Davis can’t govern his way to re-election, so he is simply just trying to buy it. The bad news for Bayonne taxpayers is that these raises and promotions are coming with a large bill that they are going to have to foot.

The Great Circus Tent Caper

So, the Circus Tent that you paid about a million for has no scheduled events. We find this completely disturbing for a couple of reasons, but the first and most obvious is that YOU paid a million dollars to build this thing. The second came after we got our hands on the contract between the City of Bayonne and the company that is managing the property for the city, Medical Tourism LLC. ( Seen below) We know, that is a strange name for a company that is supposed to run a “concert venue.”  Turns out, the City of Bayonne will be paid a mere $5,000 fee and 1% of monthly revenue. No, that wasn’t a typo, 1%. Being that there was  a whole 2 events there, according to our calculations, the return on investment on the Bayonne  taxpayers dime is about -$95,000. There is also no clause in the contract requiring the company to keep the venue booked …or even book it at all.  Now, we know what you’re thinking: this sounds like the shadiest thing in the world. We agree. We will be investigating this story in great detail on behalf of the Bayonne Taxpayers. We are still awaiting some documents, but we are starting to paint a clearer picture of who got rich off of this endeavor and who should be questioned.

Agreement between City of Bayonne and Medial Tourism LLC; Doc – 1-18-16, 11-20 AM (1)

Coup of Board Super Gets Go Ahead from Davis 

It seems like the plot to remove School Superintendent Patricia McGeehan is in full swing. Davis has given the go ahead to a smear campaign than will attempt to tarnish McGeehan’s character. These will be the first steps in the process to have her replaced. Word at the Board of Education is that Davis has a hand-picked candidate he would like to appoint to the post. Davis is seeking to control the many millions of dollars flowing through the Board of Education. More details of this story will emerge this week.

Final Thoughts

We think the state of this City is deplorable. The money spicket is stuck on open and the City is hemorrhaging funds. There is no sign that this will come to an end any time soon. Developers, lawyers, engineering firms, and consultants are getting rich while the Bayonne taxpayers suffer. Bayonne is in the worst shape that it has been in a long time.  The shame of this is when all the out -of-town Davis Administration Directors retire to their shore towns, the Bayonne taxpayers will continue to bear the burden of their reckless spending and behavior.




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