By W. Homer Axford

This was an immensely uneventful week, so this will be short and sweet. At the Council meeting Wednesday, the Council gave out their usual patronage contracts to engineering firms and law firms, so you didn’t miss much there. They, however, failed to mention anything about the City budget. The clock is ticking… that can’t be good.

As you all know, this weekend is the Bayonne St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The parade is easily the largest and most attended event in the peninsula city.  It is a perfect venue for residents to express their disdain for their elected officials, and classically they have. You can get a sense if municipal elections will be won or lost in a Bayonne Parade.  It will be interesting to see what type of reception Mayor Davis and company get at this year’s parade. A sour reception from Bayonne residents can only spell trouble for Davis and company. We will probably be marching close behind them…we will keep a tally for you.

Special Liaison to Mayor’s Office?

Seems like Mayor Davis made a promise he couldn’t keep. Well, not totally his fault, but he promised to promote a certain fireman. The fireman didn’t get a high enough score on the state exam to be promoted, so Davis just hired him as a “special liaison” to the Mayor’s Office. The job comes with a stipend, of course. We will identify this stellar public employee as soon as the arrangement is final.

Final Thoughts

We hit 500k views this week! Thank you to all of our dedicated readers. We told you: short and sweet. Have a good week.


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