By W. Homer Axford

The big to-do about the layoffs at the Bayonne Board of Education was yet another political stunt pulled by some Bayonne Board of Education Trustees. The reshuffling of 3 administrators and firing of 2 teachers will save the BBOED an estimated $40,000. But wait, it gets better: that savings of $40,000 will go to the salary of a new permanent substitute teacher… who is related to one of the Bayonne Board of Education Trustees. So, the adjusted “savings” actually fall to a net loss for the Board. It is also the busy test season for the schools, so any dramatic shuffling of the deck came at a loss to only the students at the schools where these teachers will be fired from or moved to. According to sources inside the closed session of the Bayonne Board of Education, new trustee Charles Ryan demanded “to see blood in the water.” Ryan’s wife is a principal in the district; coincidentally she was not one of the principals who was demoted.

Chiaravalloti Brings No Money to School District for Second Consecutive Year

Chiaravalloti’s key promise when running for the Assembly was to “bring more money from Trenton” (to the Bayonne School District). Unfortunately for the Bayonne School District, the numbers came out from Trenton, and Bayonne won’t be getting any additional funding. This leaves Bayonne at the bottom of all school districts in the state.

Chiaravalloti has to run for office again this June, and he already has 4 potential challengers running against him in the June Primary. Expect that number to grow as we get closer to the petition filing date. While Chiaravalloti has NOT been able to bring any money to the district, he has successfully posted a bill to ban coffee drinking while driving. Save yourself the headache, just vote for one of the other 4 or 6 candidates who runs against him, there will be much better choices in that pool than what you are getting now.

Final Thoughts

Another staple of Broadway will be closing. Radio Shack will be closing its doors for good.

Davis is destroying our City, and you can see from the paragraphs above that his leadership is contagious. The BBOE trustees behind the reshuffling and fake “layoffs” are all Davis endorsed candidates. The Assemblyman is, as well. Leadership in Bayonne is at an all time low in terms of quality of leadership. If you want the City of Bayonne to prosper you must resist any candidates attached to City Hall. That is the only way we can ensure new, independent people get into office. There is only about a year left to the 2018 municipal election. Davis has upped the ante with promises of “ferries” and everything else Bayonne residents want to hear. But, as we have stated in the past, we will believe it when we see it. All we are seeing now is a wasteful government, and a City on the brink of financial collapse. The only way to save Bayonne is to elect competent people, not the perennial candidates who are clueless. Hopefully real leadership will start to step up for the City we all love.

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