By W Homer Axford

This week there were a few stunts pulled. The first stunt was the one pulled by City Hall. The City of Bayonne secured a $450,000 grant from a State Agency to conduct a “study” to see if a pedestrian bridge was needed on Rt. 440. (Well, we could have saved the City a whole lot of money: a bridge is needed on Rt. 440, Build it.) But, the City of Bayonne won’t build a bridge. This is yet another political stunt to cover up the fact that the City secured a grant of almost half a million dollars to funnel to one of their engineering firms. The ultimate goal for Davis and DeMarco isn’t to get a pedestrian bridge built, it is to get the kickback money into Davis’ campaign account in order to keep the scam going past 2018. The brutal fact is this: the City doesn’t have the estimated 5.2 million dollars it would take to build a pedestrian bridge across Rt. 440. Don’t expect to see a bridge anytime soon, just expect more promises and lies from Davis and company. They are desperate – any news coming out of City Hall should be taken with a grain of salt. Expect more fabricated tales and “plans” for skyscrapers, Starbucks, shopping malls, Gucci Stores on Broadway, and the likes. Davis will say anything to get re-elected and he cannot run on his record. As a wise man once said, “we will believe it when we see it.”

Board of Education Lay Offs a Political Stunt

In case you missed the sensationalized headlines in the Jersey Journal this week of “Bayonne School Board cuts 22 Jobs,” we will fill you in on the real story. In their never-ending struggle to find ways to save money,  the Bayonne Board of Education decided to implement layoffs. Now this is all well and good if it is done in the traditional fashion, last to be hired, first to go, cut the fat at the top, etc. But that isn’t what happened. A certain group consisting of Trustees Wilbeck, Lawandy, Finnerty, Ryan, and Broderick decided it would be better to layoff the least paid and most valuable assets to teachers, their aides. The other board members voted no on this ridiculous move. Teachers aides serve the most vulnerable children in special needs classes, they make next to nothing, get no pension and limited benefits. But, as a pathetic attempt to score political points, these 5 trustees hurt students and teachers with a move that will probably end up costing taxpayers more in the end. These are the exact kinds of politicians Bayonne doesn’t need, politicians who either are too inexperienced, or callous to understand the issues and do the right thing. Instead, these 5 trustees chose to grandstand and do far more damage than save money.

Final Thoughts

Bayonne gets worse by the week. What happened at the Board of Education this week was disgraceful and all involved should be ashamed of themselves. Kudos to those trustees who refused to vote yes in the face of anticipated criticism. We need more leaders like that in Bayonne. The Davis Doctrine of Government is spreading throughout the town and incompetence has infected every level of our government. We can only hope and pray that it isn’t too late to save Bayonne as we approach the 2017- 2018 election cycle.



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