By W. Homer Axford

We would like to apologize for a factual error we made last week.  Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti didn’t bring back an equal amount of funding to the district, he brought back less. Bayonne will be getting about half a million dollars less than it has received in the past from the State of New Jersey. Bang up job down there in Trenton, keep it up.

More Abatements on the Way

The land at the MOT will move one step closer to being a tax haven for developers. The Council will vote at this week’s Council Meeting to move forward on a plan to give more huge tax abatements out. After criticizing the last administration for giving out tax abatements, this Council has given out more than 10 in their 3 year reign and more large tax abatements than any City Council in recent memory. As we have stated in the past, this is because they don’t really care about the burden that tax abatements put on our schools or our tax payers, they are only concerned with getting money back from those same wealthy developers into their campaign account. Sound illegal? Well it isn’t, its just very immoral, but this Council has shown many times over that morality is not factored into the equation of their decision making formula. Hopefully Bayonne can survive the next year with these folks in office.

More Bridge Troubles

In case you missed it, people who live along the Bayonne Bridge have been getting rained on with construction debris. Yet another sad chapter in the saga that is the ‘Raise the Roadway’ project. These citizens have had their taxes lowered under Jimmy Davis, a move that has been called illegal by many. Jimmy Davis has once again put the City in a vulnerable position for lawsuits, due to his Administration’s incompetence and lack of knowledge of the law. We better hope as taxpayers that no one sues the City of Bayonne over these spot tax assessments that have been handed out by the City. Just another example of your government not serving the best interests of the City as a whole.

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