By W. Homer Axford 

Our water bills are going up 13.25%. If you want to know why, you can read every column we have ever written. The City is once again in dire financial straits due to incompetence, out of control spending, and pure corruption. The 11 million dollar surplus that the Bayonne MUA had just a year ago is gone. That money was to be used to patch holes in the Davis budget last year, and we still got whacked with a 2.9% tax increase. If you don’t believe us, here is the document that proves it. Can’t wait to see what next year’s tax increase is going to be. Who else is there left to blame?

The Davis doctrine has been to blame others.  Blame the Bayonne Board of Education for 11 million dollars even after the State of New Jersey said the City is equally to blame. Blame former administrations for the City’s other financial problems. Blame other reporters for reporting on you hiring your own nephew to the top spot at City Hall. Whatever you do, don’t take responsibility for anything.  BMUA director Tim Boyle’s incompetence has led to the loss to the City of almost a million dollars to date. He blamed — you guessed it — the company who sells the parts for having a backlog.  The real story is HE forgot to renew the maintenance contract for the windmill, so it broke. Further, he hired his SECOND nephew (he had hired the first one awhile ago) to the BMUA… Davis ran to stop “nepotism and cronyism, “ but I’m sure they will find a way to blame their uncontrollable hiring on someone else, too. We are wondering when this administration is going to man up, stop blaming others, and start fixing this City. We won’t hold our breaths.

Teachers to March on City Hall

Each week, the Davis hypocrisy is exposed. The guy who cried about the teachers not having a contract, and then based his whole campaign on it? Well, he isn’t giving the teachers a contract. He did try to resort to his telltale tactic of blaming others by trying to sidestep the union and offer the teachers some un-guaranteed raises. That offer was promptly rejected by the Bayonne Teachers Union. Now Davis is on the full offensive, and just outright blaming the Bayonne Teachers Union and the Bayonne Board of Education for the lack of a contract. In the past, Davis blamed the Administration. We guess that only works when you aren’t the Administration.

Promotions Galore 

Part of the problems we have discussed above and in other columns have to do with lots of factors, including excessive hiring and promotions. After the last wave of police and fire promotions, Bayonne is as top heavy as it has ever been. Bayonne now has just as many police captains as Jersey City — that ain’t right. We would agree that there needs to be more police and firefighters in Bayonne, just not more bosses.

Animal Activists to March on City Hall 

Yeah, that’s right, two marches on City Hall will take place this week. This is the first time we have ever seen two marches on City Hall in one week. I guess you could say people in Bayonne are unhappy with Davis, the City Council,  and the administration. Turns out Council President Sharon Nadrowski and Councilman Tommy Cotter lied to Bayonne residents once again. They told Bayonne residents at the Council Meeting they were changing animal control companies to deal with the “pest animal” problem in Bayonne. Turns out, the contract doesn’t mention “pest animals…” Another day, another lie from the City Council. Guess that is why activists will be protesting at City Hall this week — to send a message to Nadrowski and the Council “Stop lying to us!”

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