By W. Homer Axford

Today, we catch you up on what you missed over the holiday weekend. Teachers are still haggling with City Hall over their contract — looks like three members of the BBOED went up to City Hall to meet with Joe DeMarco. We won’t mention their names for now, but what they did borders illegal and could jeopardize the whole contract negotiating process in general. We are sure the Bayonne Teachers Association President Alan D’Angelo hit the roof when he heard this one. Anyway, looks like Jimmy Davis is trying to buy time… for what, we don’t know. The City is broke, even with a hefty payment from the Port Authority on the way and a tax increase.

Davis Endorsing Phil Murphy for Governor, Kinda

The HCDO announced that all 12 Hudson County Mayor’s would be endorsing Phil Murphy for Governor of New Jersey. This puts Mayor Jimmy Davis in a bind, being that Murphy’s opponent State Senator Ray Lesniak bankrolled Davis’ 2014 Mayoral Election, and Lesniak’s law firm now holds lucrative contracts with the City of Bayonne. This puts Davis in a very precarious predicament: does he go against the HCDO (and risk losing the future Governor of the State of New Jersey’s support going forward), or does he turn his back on the people who got him here in the first place? Judging from the Mayor’s past decisions, we would bet our mortgage payment on the latter.

Council President’s Facebook Page Hacked

According to Council President Sharon Nadrowski, her Facebook page was hacked last Friday night. Some dumb post appeared, then disappeared. If you care, look on Facebook or here at Hudson County View.

Brawl at the Bayonne Football game

Yeah, in case you missed it. There was a brawl at the Bayonne High School Football game. The Jersey Journal narrative was something like a group of kids were disorderly at a football game and so the cops came by. But, witnesses said they saw a large group of kids get into a fight — we’d say a brawl.  Less athletic directors, more security guards.

Final Thoughts

We are waiting for the Mayor to endorse before we break down the school board race. We guess he will wait until late in the game to get behind someone. Expect stuff to pick up over the next couple of weeks. Like we’ve said in the past, we encourage you to support those who are not endorsed by the Mayor. After all, he did campaign on having an elected school board, so we have to keep him honest. We know how hard that has been thus far. Thankfully, 2018 is not very far away.

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