By W. Homer Axford

This will be the last St. Patrick’s Day parade with Jimmy Davis as Mayor. Next parade, candidate Jimmy and his City Council will be in the race of their lives. That is a fact. Anyone who tells you differently is either petrified of the upcoming Mayor’s race or is oblivious. Year after year, after incompetent and greedy move after incompetent and greedy move, Jimmy and his Council’s poll numbers have fallen and fallen. What is left is a barely functioning government that only serves the Mayor’s and Joe DeMarco’s self interests. But don’t worry, there are only about 12 months left to Davis’ tenure as Mayor. With no troops and little support, Davis won’t put up too much of a fight to retain his seat.

Bike Share or Racket for Campaign Funds?

In case you haven’t heard, Bayonne is getting a bike share program. But don’t get your hopes up, it isn’t CityBike. As we have stated in the past, CitiBike won’t come to Bayonne, at least not yet. Just like a ferry won’t be coming to Bayonne anytime soon. The bike share, just like the ferry claims, is Jimmy Davis’ lipstick on a pig moment. The bike share program that Bayonne is getting is only compatible with Hoboken. Its fees are much higher than CitiBike’s (3 dollars a minute for overages, compared tp CitiBike’s 4 Dollars for every 15 minutes) and you don’t have to look any further than the bottom of the bike share page, Hudson Bike Share, to see who is behind such usury surcharges. If you can find us one of the sponsors behind the BikeShare Program on Jimmy Davis’ campaign finance reports, we can find you 2. Like we have said, this “BikeShare” program that you can’t share with any city even close to Bayonne, is another scam to funnel money into Davis Campaign accounts. Expect more tall tales and second rate companies to be doing more “big things” in Bayonne, just in time for campaign season…how convenient.


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