The 2018 Municipal Election is literally 15 months away; here are a few things to be on the look out for this New Year.

New Year, New Scams

A new “developer” has been chosen to develop Harbor Station South. But, this is more of the same–JMF Properties is a Kate Howard LTD redux. This company builds 3-4 family homes in Jersey City–they have never built anything remotely close to what is envisioned for Harbor Station South. Expect the exact same scenario as the Kate Howard LTD fiasco. Why do we think this? Well, having a developer designated lets the City spend money it doesn’t have. Also, as we spelled out in last week’s Naughty List, the end game for DeMarco isn’t to develop Harbor Station South, the end game is to suck every last penny out of your pockets and your Mayor and your City Council are letting it happen. Let’s just hope the damage they do to this year’s budget isn’t the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

More Mismanagement

Expect more mismanagement from City Hall in the upcoming year. Only 2 department heads live within the City of Bayonne. This means the rest have little or no reason to be fiscally responsible to you, because at the end of the day, their taxes aren’t going up, but their salaries are due to contractual agreements. That, combined with a lack of leadership and caring from the Council and Mayor, is a recipe for more mismanagement in 2017, expect no changes on that front.

More Out of Control Spending

Along with the mismanagement comes out of control spending. As we have stated in the past, the primary objectives at City Hall are to make Joe DeMarco and his friends rich. This means everything else comes second and Bayonne taxpayers come last. Even if Davis decides to cut ties with DeMarco in 2017, the damage is already done. Taxes must go up for the next year to make up for the out of control spending of the last 3. Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if Davis in a last ditch move tries to cut ties with DeMarco to try to save what little hopes he has of being re-elected. Little does Davis know, that the damage is already done and dumping DeMarco won’t stop Bayonne from dumping him.

More of the Same

Basically, 2017 will be a year of more of the same. More lies, more high taxes, and more crony government at the expense of the Bayonne taxpayer. The packaging may be different, but when you open it up, it will still be the same rotten deals you’ve gotten in 2016. More Holy Family deals, more Kate Howard LTD deals. This year the companies will be called JMF Properties who can’t deliver on what they promised and the Council will have some lame excuse why the BEOF can’t come up with the money it owes the City. Same game, different year. The good news is, change is literally right around the corner. 15 months to go, folks.

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