By W. Homer Axford

In case you haven’t heard by now, there were two big events in Bayonne this week: most of the City Council voted to gift the Resnick’s project a huge tax abatement (corporate welfare at its best here in Bayonne), and Davis’ nephew quit his job as Chief of Staff. The Jersey Journal reported that Davis’ nephew would be leaving for “new jobs” in his hometown of Roselle Park, but the reality is that Davis’ nephew left City Hall to go back to his old job as clerk–for roughly the same amount of money. Davis’ nephew was also appointed to two other low-paid positions. Davis’ nephew is just one in a long line of Davis faithful who are jumping ship. Like we have stated in the past, Davis’ time is up as Mayor; the polls show it is impossible for Davis to win again in 2018, if he even runs again. City Hall is so dysfunctional under Davis that even the Mayor’s own family, with the cushiest of jobs, cannot bare to work there anymore. Less and less people are willing to put their neck out for Davis’ losing cause. Expect more of Davis’ closest allies to jump ship this year. By the time Davis is ready to file petitions to run again in a few months, there will be little to no Davis supporters left in town.

More Tall Tales

Expect a story this week to “break” out of City Hall. Like we have stated in past weeks, City Hall will be talking about lots of “plans.” This is most certainly as fake as fake news gets. Davis and DeMarco are desperate as ever to show something for the 3 years of incompetence coming out of City Hall. Unfortunately, hiring over 100 new employees and raising taxes isn’t going to buy them another 4 years. So they are making up tons of stories, and this week’s story will be about a “ferry” that is coming to the MOT. Don’t get your hopes up, there is no ferry coming to the MOT. Maybe in 5 or 10 years, but not in “the next 18 months” as City Hall is claiming. Notice how the “ferry” will conveniently be “coming to the MOT,” after the 2018 election. More dreams and lies from Davis and company. As we have stated in the past, when dealing with promises from City Hall, we will believe it when we see it.

Also, there was a freak plane crash, is that a metaphor?


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