By W Homer Axford

This isn’t some gag line. As reported this week, the Davis Administration seeks to turn that old A&P site into a Cat Care Facility. Don’t ask us what that means exactly. All we know is that Davis has contracted CME Engineering, a firm that dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign account, to do the work needed to get the project off the ground. Once again, Davis has found another way to throw your money out the window.

Cat prepares for A&P move

We did a quick Google search and could not find another similar type facility anywhere in the country. Sure there are plenty of animal shelters and the like, that would be fine if this were the case, but this is totally different. The City has provided no specific information on exactly what would be going on in the Cat Care Facility, but one could make a reasonable guess that it would be an enormous breeding ground for stray cats to procreate and spread disease and a haven for folks within and outside of Hudson County to dump unwanted animals. This will be a disaster for the residents of the first ward. Especially since the Cat Care Facility will have to be moved due to expected development at the old A&P site, which means this “facility” could be coming to a neighborhood near you, real, real soon. More likely than not, it will be in the immediate vicinity of A&P, since it will be hard to move 100s of cats a long distance. We would guess it would be moved a little more uptown, since a certain council president lives a few blocks downtown.

So here you go Bayonne, your tax dollars are being spent to make an engineering firm rich in order to get kickbacks into the Mayor’s and the City Councils’ campaign accounts. What do you get out of the deal? A giant feral cat warehouse smack dab in the middle of your neighborhood. Is there anyone left who wants to argue with us when we say Davis doesn’t care about Bayonne, only about making his cronies rich? Anyone left? We didn’t think so….

The Garbage Can Scam

The Jersey Journal did a story on some recycling cans being purchase by the City of Bayonne. $4,000 dollars was spent on 40 cans. We aren’t exactly John Forbes Nash, but that’s about $100 dollars a can. Once again, someone got rich and the taxpayers of the City of Bayonne got screwed. The saddest part is that the Jersey Journal reporter didn’t even bother to ask why the cans cost so much. So much for the mainstream media, but don’t worry, we have an OPRA request in– we got you, Bayonne.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty evident that Davis and company are aware that this is their last year in office. They really don’t care about the political ramifications of anything. The ultimate goal for Davis, DeMarco and company is get money at all costs. Many of their big money guys are out of power in other counties–if you pay attention to NJ politics, you know exactly what we are talking about.

A new day is on the horizon in New Jersey Politics and it has close ties to Bayonne. Anyone with some political sense knows it. Until then, we can only hope that law enforcement steps in to stop this madness, they are the only ones who can help Bayonne until 2018.

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