By W. Homer Axford

Forgive us, we spent last week on vacation …we have some catching up to do.

Where have all the good people gone? 

I must say, we weren’t very impressed by the names we saw of those who have chosen to run for school board. There are only a handful of good candidates on that list. By good candidates, we mean good people with intelligence and knowledge of how to fix our broken BOED and reverse its current use as a patronage mill for the administration and BOED big wigs.  The names consist of recycled trash of Bayonne yesteryear: some failed business people, incumbents (they’re out), and some Davis Team barflies. About 80% of these people have never shown they can manage anything, never mind a multi-million dollar budget. There were a few names that did stand out: Barry Kushner should be a good candidate and school board member. Gina Garofalo-Irizarry and Joseph Broderick seem like good fits, too.  Denis Wilbeck and Ava Finnerty will win easily and do an excellent job — you heard it here first.  Out of the 25 running, thats about it. So we will most certainly be left with some “undesirable” school board members. The school board will probably suffer from the same inexperience as the City Council, and we see how that’s working out. What a shame.  Dennis Collins must be rolling in his grave.

Hopefully, Jimmy will vote in the school board election. He’s already missed one election since he’s been mayor.


Sal is in trouble again

Our sources are telling us that Second Ward Councilman Sal Gullace was called on the carpet by his current employer, Care Point Health. Apparently, they didn’t really like how Sal was boosting up a project that came to life under Smith and is being done by Care Point’s #1 competitor, St. Barnabas Health. Looks like Care Point hired Sal so they would have a member of the City Council on their side. Looks like Sal thought they hired him because of his stellar mop-handling skills. Either way, Care Point isn’t happy and they let Sal know. We shouldn’t expect to hear another peep out of Sal about the Barnabas project anytime soon. Sal, does Care Point seem “more like a bully?”


Joe DeMarco star witness? 

Our sources are telling us that Joe DeMarco has gotten a visit from those men in the suits with the badges and guns. DeMarco isn’t being investigated, but authorities do believe he has information about now-indicted (again) West New York Mayor Felix Roque. DeMarco once was Roque’s #2.  Jimmy Davis saved Joe from the rapidly crumbling City of West New York and brought him to Bayonne to help do here what he did there. I’m sure he has lots of info for the authorities. Good luck with your deposition, Joe!






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