By W. Homer Axford

We warned you in last week’s column that you would be hearing a lot about “plans” from City Hall. We don’t know if it was good timing on our part or bad on the City’s, but the City of Bayonne announced some grand “plans” for the MOT this week. But as we stated last week, take these “plans” with a grain of salt. DeMarco and Davis are desperate to show that they have done something for the past three years, so they have shifted into the “plans” phase of their 2018 campaign for Mayor. You will hear a lot more about “plans” for big things in Bayonne, as we stated last week, but the reality is Davis has done nothing for Bayonne in his three years but hire over 100 new employees, raise taxes, give tax abatements to millionaires, promote and give tax breaks to friends and family…all the while, making you pay for it. That is all Davis has done. Each week we have given you examples of how Davis has done this, and this week is no different.

City Doubles Contract for firm doing Master Plan

Yep, that’s right, as if it wasn’t enough to pay the consulting firm doing Bayonne’s master plan the first $56,000+ we are upping the ante and paying them another $50,000+. Why, you ask? Well, no one really knows, according to this article in the Jersey Journal “additional work” came up while doing the re-doing of the master plan we originally paid them to do. So, as far as we can tell, this is the third addition of the master plan. If this seems like a bunch of BS to you, that is because it is a bunch of BS. As we have stated numerous times, Davis and DeMarco’s number 1 objective isn’t to complete a master plan or move the City forward; their number 1 objective is to funnel money to their friends so they can in turn funnel money into Davis’ campaign account. That is how they keep this scam going. So, every time you see a story like this one in the Jersey Journal, just know that one fact. 13 more months, folks.

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