By W. Homer Axford

A lot transpired at this week’s City Council meeting — if you missed it, you should definitely check out  our YouTube Channel and watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the City Council Meeting highlights. Anyway, this was the week of the scam — the biggest being the scam that is the City’s budget. It was brought to light by citizen Matt Kopko that not only did the Mayor and the City Council mortgage off your future, they lied about when they knew about their self-created budget crisis. Through an Open Public Records Request, Kopko discovered that the City was researching a legal case about a developer backing out of a development deal, months before they said they knew about the doomed Kate Howard Deal. City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco tried to argue, “there are many other points” in that case (that didn’t pertain to development), presumably assuming that no one would ask what other points, but Kopko did. DeMarco replied, “I don’t know.” See, here is the problem: these crooks think you are stupid. They think they can pull one over on you. However, they are being proven wrong. It is all being sanctioned by Mayor Davis and your City Council, as they all sit there silently, including Gary LaPelusa, despite what you may hear about him “fighting for you.” This is disgusting on every level. Don’t believe us? Like we said, check out the videos we linked above and see for yourself. The cold hard facts are that the City Council and Mayor Davis know they would have a 15 million dollar budget shortfall months before they said they did, they continued to spend uncontrollably, they lied to the State of New Jersey about the anticipated income in their “budget” that they knew they would lose, just to justify the spending. This was downright criminal, and we have proof they knew. We know what the aftermath of this deceit was: the loss of 18 million in future revenue. We hope that Matt Kopko can present his evidence to the proper authorities and we hope Bayonne taxpayers are starting to realize that ALL of their council members have been allowing this to happen, not just 4 of them.

Development Scam

Other questions raised in this week’s Council Meeting  had to do with Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti’s relationship with the crumbled deal that caused the City of Bayonne to subsequently lose 18 million dollars.  Citizen Matt Kopko brought up the subject many times before, but the Jersey Journal finally decided to cover the shady fact that Chiaravalloti was representing Kate Howard Ltd, a developer, and the City of Bayonne, as its Assemblyman. If you don’t understand what is wrong with this, then we cannot explain it to you, it just kinda goes against everything that good government is based on. Expect this story to evolve. There is no way that the citizens of Bayonne will stand silent once they realize Chiaravalloti may have known about the city’s budgetary crisis, or possibly contributed to it.

Taxi Scam

Another scam that was uncovered during the Council meeting is also included in our coverage of the Council meetings on YouTube. It turns out, under the direction of Mayor Davis and seemingly unknown to the City Council (which is illegal by the way), the City has agreed to a deal with the New Jersey Turnpike to pay a private cab company in Bayonne to shuttle people to their jobs at Hook Road. The details to the deal are shady at best. What we do know is that the cab company belonging to Mayor Davis’s good friend Vincent Cuseglio got a no-bid contract to provide the service. When asked if it went out to bid, the Council President Sharon Nadrowski replied “it doesn’t have to go out to bid.”  Well, why not? What about all the private taxi services in town? We know there are dozens, why don’t they get a shot? Or, alternatively, why not let the open market dictate what happens? What about all the UBER drivers who live in Bayonne? Are they in the “rotation?” Either way, more shadiness and corruption from the insiders club at City Hall.

Hiring Freeze Scam

Another scam uncovered at the meeting was the hiring freeze. There isn’t one. The City is now disguising all hires as “seasonal.” Like we said, watch the links above, you will be appalled.

The Jay Coffey Scam

Another scam that has been ongoing in the City of Bayonne for quite sometime is the Jay Coffey scam. The guy who loved Bayonne so much he left a long time ago for Oceanport. He’s always quick to butt in while real Bayonne residents try to air their grievances at Council meetings, citing how “I was here in 1995, when the problem started.” Well, maybe the problem is you, Jay. Go back to Oceanport, worry about being the Mayor of the town you ran for and STOP bringing your politics into Bayonne; you’re not fooling anyone. You’re a fraud who’s out to make a quick buck like the rest. Don’t believe us? Read this article here about how Jay hates the idea about Casino’s bringing jobs to Hudson County and possibly Bayonne. Then watch how he let his special interest cronies use Bayonne High School’s library to film a commercial further bolstering their cause. Is that you in that Einstein costume, Jay? Better yet, was the BBOED paid for the filming of this commercial? Maybe some of our vigilant BBOED members can get to the bottom of this question?


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