By W. Homer Axford


A couple of things happened this week. The tax increase is real, and it’s looking like 6%, not adding the county tax. So like we said, Bayonne taxpayers are looking at at least a 9% tax increase.  In an attempt to explain the tax increase, our Mayor had some lame solution for the spending problem that Bayonne has: Development. That’s right. The Mayor said that development is the key to fixing the tax problem in Bayonne. That would make sense, if the City wasn’t giving out 30 year tax abatement’s like they were Easter Candy. Anyone with half a brain knows you cant make money by giving it away…….


Bayonne Teachers get the Shaft Again


The Bayonne teachers had a strong show of force at the Bayonne Board of Education meeting last week. The show of force didn’t do them any good, however, as the newly elected teacher-dominated Board rejected the proposed budget set forth by the Administration. The original budget that the Administration proposed had a 5.9% increase attached. This increase would provide the teachers with the money for a new contact. However, the teacher-dominated Board said…not so much. Instead, the Board will send a 2.9% increase to City Hall. Looks like the newly elected teachers have sold out their brethren to appease Mayor Jimmy Davis. Any teacher or Board of Ed employee who is half paying attention is increasingly pissed off about this betrayal by the newly elected BBOED. This move leaves many Bayonne teachers asking each other, Et tu, Brute?


Final Thoughts

Expect some big news about the circus tent. We think the City is going to finally respect our OPRA requests and give us the info on the tent. They really don’t want the lawsuit we threatened them with. But, you can never tell with these guys, they have never really been transparent.

Also, the windmill isn’t spinning. We know what they told you, but this is an easy one, just look into the sky. This thing has cost you over a million dollars. Davis incompetence at its finest. Hope you had a good Easter. Farewell…….



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