By W Homer Axford 

This week leaves us with plenty to catch up on. First of all, Mayor Davis spoke at length about “infrastructure” projects that he had zero influence in getting done, and that have close to zero net benefits for Bayonne residents. Only headaches.  At an event for unions, Davis boasted about The New Jersey Turnpike project, something he as mayor had nothing to do with, and which created little to no jobs for Bayonne residents, and nearly closed off one of the two exits out of Bayonne. He then boasted about the Bayonne Bridge Project, something that he campaigned against, and told residents of First Street that he was going to “stop” the project.  All the while, he was making tens of thousands of dollars working overtime on the bridge when he was a police officer and a mayoral candidate. He then boasted about this “Ship-to-rail” facility that will be built by the Port Authority;  this has zero net benefit for Bayonne residents (we all know who gets those Port Authority jobs), it ain’t Bayonne residents. You can watch the video below — after you see it, you can determine whether the “infrastructure” projects Davis speaks of is benefiting you in any way.

Bayonne Board of Education: Cheating Allegations and More Dysfunction Under New Board

As we are sure you have heard by now, there have been allegations of a cheating scandal at Bayonne High School. This story is a rumor at best right now, but that didn’t stop Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis from jumping the gun to blame someone else, even as the details still emerge. At this point, it doesn’t seem like any staff was involved, but Davis still decided to throw the Administration under the bus by saying “this is why I called for an elected school board.” We think Davis has forgotten two things: one, he tried to hijack the elected school board by endorsing candidates, and second, the school board is now controlled by the elected board members… so this broke under their watch.  Nevertheless, if the fact remains that there was no staff involved and students themselves were cheating, then an elected school board has nothing to do with it —  it isn’t an board issue, its a BHS disciplinary issue.

Developments in Cop on Cop Assault

According to our sources inside City Hall, disciplinary action was taken against one of the officers involved on the widely covered cop on cop  assault last year. We won’t get into too many details, as they are sketchy at best, but, what we will get into is what happened after one of the officers was notified of the disciplinary actions taken against him by the department. According to multiple sources at City Hall, the officer who was disciplined, against orders from his boss, walked into the Mayor’s Office and demanded to see Mayor Davis. When he was denied, he went on a diatribe about how he “Gave $10,000 in cash” to Davis during his campaign and “donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in signs” to Davis’ campaign. If these allegations are true, we now have two different sources who claim they illegally gave Davis money or donations. We hope that these claims by the officer will be investigated. Either way, more will come of this story.

Final Thoughts

Well, the windmill still ain’t spinning. It has cost you over a million dollars, FYI. Also, the circus tent doesn’t have any events scheduled. You paid over a million dollars to build it. We would expect that these two major examples  of incompetence will be showing up in your tax bill. Expect a notification of ANOTHER tax increase near the end of March or in April. We wonder who Davis will blame this time?




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