By Scott Marlow/ Election 2015

We at Bayonne Local don’t usually get into endorsing anyone for any political office. But, what we can say is ABC. Anyone but Chiaravalloti. Chiaravalloti has proven to be one of the worst leaders in the history of Bayonne politics. He is responsible for bonding the city into some $170 million dollars in debt and completely mismanaging the BLRA. There is no doubt that Chiaravalloti is responsible for a great deal of the overall decline of the city — stagnated development and high taxes. Then why is Mayor Davis rewarding Chiaravalloti with the Assembly seat? The answer is simple: party bosses and political contributors. And Bayonne taxpayers and citizens get put last once again. To learn more about Chiaravalloti and his mismanagement of the BLRA read the article below.

Former BLRA Director and Mayor Davis’ pick for the assembly, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, has secured a 30 year tax abatement for his client Fidelco. City Hall sources say Fidelco recently hired Chiaravalloti to finalize the settlement with the Davis administration. For years, Bayonne was held hostage and MOT development was slowed to a halt due to litigation between the BLRA and Fidelco.

Fidelco, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, the BLRA 

Spending more than one takes in is a problem many communities in the State of New Jersey fell into prior to the economy crashing in 2008. Bayonne too fell into the borrow and spend cycle. Under the guidance of then-BLRA director and Current Assembly Candidate Nick Chiaravalloti, the Bayonne LRA borrowed tens of millions of dollars, contributing to Bayonne’s massive overall $400 million debt. Cheiarvalloti transferred the borrowed money over to the City of Bayonne to fill an ever-widening budget gap. Chiaravalloti then, like now, steered the peninsula property towards a 100% residential use. Now, 100% of Harbor Station North will be residential housing built by Fidelco.  Money from the sale of the land is expected to be used to fill the city’s budget gap, which is starting to grow again.

The Remaining land at the MOT

A highly placed city hall source, who spoke to Bayonne Local on the condition of anonymity, reported that the Davis Administration has scuttled previous plans to develop the Peninsula’s Harbor Station South District as a mixed use, power center, retail outlet, hotel, convention and entertainment venue in favor of even more tax-abated residential development by Fidelco. The source reminded Bayonne Local that Chiaravalloti’s original plan was to have Fidelco develop the entire base. “That’s where they’re going with all of Harbor Station,” said our source. Chiaravalloti was a key player in Mayor Davis’ election campaign.  “He (Chiaravalloti) has  been spotted in recent weeks running in and out of the Business Administrator’s office at City Hall.” Said our source. There are 55 undeveloped acres of land remaining at Harbor Station South.

Chiaravalloti’s bio seen here can be found on his consulting firm’s website

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    1. Every problem this town has right now is due to the people who are now running the city again. Doria and Chevolotti bad news. This election has set the city back 10 years. Expect huge tax increases, I may have to move my family out of town if this is true.

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