The Bayonne Parking Utility has mailed out 2015 renewal forms for current holders of annual parking permits for the Red, Yellow and Green Zones. Due to the citywide residential permit parking system, Bayonne residents who live in the Red, Yellow, and Green Zones will receive the citywide white permit stickers and guest hangtags. The citywide stickers will be valid for parking in all of Bayonne’s residential parking zones. Non-residents who have business parking permits for either the Red, Yellow, or Green Zone will receive a new parking sticker that will bear the letters “NR” for non-resident. NR permit-holders are not entitled to guest hangtags.
Current permit holders are encouraged to renew them by mail by enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. It is not necessary to renew in person. Permit holders also have the option of renewing their permits in person, in Room 14, in the back corridor of City Hall, 630 Avenue C. Applicants can avoid standing on line by renewing through the mail.
The 2014 permits for the Red, Yellow, and Green Zones expire December 31, 2014. After a grace period, the Parking Utility will begin enforcement of the 2015 permits on Monday, February 2, 2015.
The application for all three zones will be made available through the municipal website on the Internet, The Parking Utility will issue permits free of charge to Bayonne residents as a public service. The purpose of the permit system is to help prevent out-of-town commuters from taking parking spots away from neighborhood residents. Business permits are free of charge to Bayonne residents and to those non-resident business owners who show proof of paying Bayonne taxes and water bills. Business permits for non-residents who do not pay Bayonne taxes and water bills cost $150 per year.
For a list of streets in the Green, Yellow, and Red Zones, please visit the City of Bayonne website.
The parking zones are in effect Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., except for state and national holidays. Those vehicles that fail to display red, yellow, or green stickers, depending on the zone, will be subject to penalties if they are parked in the designated zones for more than three hours. That means parking is permitted for up to three hours for vehicles without permits during the aforementioned days and hours that the system is in effect. The Parking Utility’s officers enforce the regulations by registering license numbers of cars in hand-held computers. This is known as “electronic chalking.” Thanks to the hand-held devices, chalk marks on tires are no longer necessary for enforcement.
The Parking Utility is encouraging applicants to mail a filled-out application form and photocopies of required documents. Applicants must submit copies of valid driver’s licenses and vehicle registration. Residents must submit copies of proof of residence. Acceptable documents include telephone, cable, and PSE&G bills; payroll stubs; tax and water bills, or college bills. Business applicants must submit proof of employment or ownership of a business or property within the permit zones. Applications and photocopies of the required documents may be mailed along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
In order to establish residency, an applicant must establish ownership, rental or lease of property situated in within one block of the area bound and designated as the permit zone. Acceptable documents include: telephone, cable, and PSE&G bills; payroll stubs; and college bills.
People who can demonstrate residence within one block of the border of the Green Zone, the Red Zone or the Yellow Zone will also be eligible to apply for a permit for the appropriate zone.
A residential parking permit will not be issued to anyone with outstanding traffic violations, a suspended driver’s license, or suspended vehicle registration.
Eligible persons may obtain a residential permit parking sticker in person or through the mail upon submission of the appropriate documentation and a self-addressed stamped return envelope. The business owner/employer of those employees who are eligible for permit parking stickers as a result of employment within the relevant zone should collect and submit collectively the necessary information and documentation in support of his/her employees’ applications.
Residential permit parking stickers are renewable by mail on an annual basis and must be submitted during the thirty-day period next preceding the permit’s expiration.
The following information and documents should be provided by the applicant and shall be maintained in the files of the Bayonne Parking Utility. If an applicant applies in person, photocopies of all original documents presented must be made and placed in the file.


All applicants must provide: Name; Address;Phone Numbers; Driver’s License Number; Vehicle Registration (and insurance card in case of a leased vehicle); License Plate Number; Proof of residency, ownership, or use of property or employment within the zone; and Signature of applicant (certifying that all information provided is true under penalty of law) Proof of the parking permit will be coded green, red, or yellow stickers that shall be displayed unobstructed on the upper left side of the rear window of the vehicle. The new stickers and related guest tags for all three zones will expire December 31, 2015. Each household shall also receive two hang tags (visitor passes) free of charge. Such hang tags will be given to visitors who will park in the Green, Red, or Yellow Zones in excess of three hours during the hours of enforcement. The Parking Utility monitors their use to prevent abuse. The visitor pass shall hang from the vehicle’s rear view mirror. Abuse of visitor’s passes may lead to the revocation of a household’s visitor passes. Contractors and others who provide temporary services to residents within the zone are eligible to obtain hang tags from the Parking Utility for a specified time upon presentation of proper documentation, including a contract to perform services.

For more information, please call the Bayonne Parking Utility at 201-858-6061.

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