By Scott Marlow

Documents obtained by Bayonne Local show that Mayor Davis bought Office Furniture totaling $17,000, upon his take over of City Hall.  The Documents can be seen below. The Bayonne City Council approved all the purchases for furniture, Bayonne Council President Sharon Nadrowski could not be reached for comment.

In a story Bayonne Local brought you last week, $5500  was spent on new hard wood floors for the mayors office. Sources inside city hall suggest that the floors and the furniture were installed purely for ” decor.” and not necessity.

This comes just weeks after Mayor Davis and City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco announced that there would be a tax increase this year. Sources inside city hall say it is likely there will be a major increase this year or next. The mayors office could not be reached for comment. There are many more documents. Please inbox Bayonne Local for complete set.

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  1. I wonder what would have happened if City Council had simply said “Mr. Mayor, this is just not a good time…just not a good time!” Not when taxes have to be raised! How unkind when this city’s citizens are struggling to make ends meet.

  2. Jimmy Davis and his team renovated the whole Bayonne city goverment to benefit it’s citiizens and hopefully give them a better quality than any other administration and all this writer worries about is “hard wood flooring” and office furniture.

  3. Mayor Smith would never spend such a ridiculous amount on a non necessity. This is not caring for the people of Bayonne. This is making his own life more comfy cozy! Does Mayor Davis think that raising the taxes makes the citizens of Bayonne’s lives more comfy cozy?????????

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