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Whether its pounding his fist on his chest like Matthew McConaughey did in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street or sitting out in the outfield eating a piece a cake in Coach Jeff Fish’s celebrity softball game, Kenny Britt is a player that the St. Louis Rams fans love to have. Britt joined the Rams in 2014 on a one-year deal. Fisher was a big reason why Britt decided to join the Rams; Fisher drafted Britt in 2009 when he was with the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee Titans

In Britt’s only two seasons with coach Fisher in Tennessee he produced great numbers on the field with a combined 1,476 yards receiving and twelve touchdowns. After a major knee surgery in 2011 Britt’s production on the field dropped off.

After not seeing eye to eye with Titans organization, Britt was ready for a fresh start. An opportunity to reunite with coach Fisher in St. Louis was just too good to pass up.

Kenny Britt as a Ram

Britt played the whole season for the Rams, showing that he was back to full health and showed no signs of ever having knee problems. He became the first Rams receiver since Tory Holt in 2008 to have over 700-yards receiving finishing up with 748 yards and three touchdowns.

When Britt became a free agent after the 2014-15 season he stated all along that he wanted to come back and play for the Rams. After signing a two-year contract worth up to $14 million Britt was back with the Rams. He set goals for himself that he wanted to achieve and he wants to do it with no other team than the Rams.

Britt has always been the type of player that has never been about playing for the money but a player that plays for his teammates. He has been the veteran leader for the Rams receiving core and the players look up to him.

Britt playing with something to prove

Britt wants this season to be the season that he gets all of his goals accomplished. In his career he has yet to make it to a Pro Bowl and have over a 1,000 yards receiving. For his team goal he wants to lead the Rams to a Super Bowl, their first one since 1999.

For Britt to produce those kinds of numbers he has to have chemistry with his quarterback. So far in the offseason Britt and new Rams quarterback Nick Foles have shown what kind of chemistry they have. Britt loves having Foles as the quarterback.

If Foles and Britt can both stay healthy, Britt could easily tally over 1,000 receiving yards.

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