Political Insiders: Bayonne Bridge Project Delayed – Davis Blames Others

By W. Homer Axford Firstly, we would like to take the time to thank Peter Franco and the #SoapBoxBlog for illustrating last week’s column through video.  What a great and well put together video! It highlights Davis’s first year in office so accurately. Bravo, Pete! Video can be seen here Now to business: In a pathetic attempt […]

Fidelco, Nicholas Chiaravalloti and the BLRA

By Scott Marlow/ Election 2015 We at Bayonne Local don’t usually get into endorsing anyone for any political office. But, what we can say is ABC. Anyone but Chiaravalloti. Chiaravalloti has proven to be one of the worst leaders in the history of Bayonne politics. He is responsible for bonding the city into some $170 million dollars in […]