Political Insiders Tuesday Special: New Years 2017

The 2018 Municipal Election is literally 15 months away; here are a few things to be on the look out for this New Year. New Year, New Scams A new “developer” has been chosen to develop Harbor Station South. But, this is more of the same–JMF Properties is a Kate Howard LTD redux. This company […]

Political Insiders: The Project that No One Wanted

By W. Homer Axford Well, ground has been broken on the project that no one wanted. Not that one, the one on Broadway and 46th Street. Commonly referred to as the Resnick’s Project, this 10-story eyesore that was opposed by neighbor and nocturnal creature alike will be going up because it makes Jimmy Davis’ top guy’s brother a […]

Watch: City Worker Exposes Alleged Corruption at City Hall

By Bayonne Local Seen Above: P.J. Leonard alleges fraud, waste and corruption at City Hall   Bayonne City Hall Employee P.J. Leonard alleged that massive fraud, corruption and waste were being committed by the City Council, Mayor Davis, City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco and City Director Rob Wondolowski at last night’s meeting. Leonard claimed the […]

Political Insiders: City to Bond Nearly $1 Million in Debt

By W. Homer Axford No, this isn’t a gag headline. The City took one step closer to bonding $900,000 dollars to buy a vacant lot at 426-428 Broadway. No, seriously, this isn’t a joke. This upcoming Council Meeting (Wednesday)  the City Council will vote to bond more debt in order to get the money — […]

Political Insiders: Bayonne Bridge Project Delayed – Davis Blames Others

By W. Homer Axford Firstly, we would like to take the time to thank Peter Franco and the #SoapBoxBlog for illustrating last week’s column through video.  What a great and well put together video! It highlights Davis’s first year in office so accurately. Bravo, Pete! Video can be seen here Now to business: In a pathetic attempt […]

Poll: Were the Mayor’s Comments About the fire In Poor Taste?

Mayor James Davis sent a Facebook Status today that has many around town upset. (Seen Here) Davis compared the bad news of the deadly fire to the “good news” of the resurfacing of Don Ahern Veterans memorial Stadium. Offensive or no? [socialpoll id=”2282383″]

One Year of the Davis Administration

By Scott Marlow   The Davis Administration has been in office for one year. Some of the continuing mantra has been “blame the previous administration (and other administrations) for things that are going badly, and take credit from the previous administration for things that are going well.” Some campaign promises were met, and some simply […]