Political Insiders Tuesday Special: New Years 2017

The 2018 Municipal Election is literally 15 months away; here are a few things to be on the look out for this New Year. New Year, New Scams A new “developer” has been chosen to develop Harbor Station South. But, this is more of the same–JMF Properties is a Kate Howard LTD redux. This company […]

Political Insiders: Resnick’s Project Closer to Reality

By W. Homer Axford   It was a relatively dead week, so this column will be brief. The windmill is actually working again. Davis incompetence has cost you a pretty penny — about $1 million, by our count. No one will be held accountable for this gross negligence, don’t get your hopes up.  The excuse […]

Op-Ed: What Happened to all of Davis’ Promises?

By Anthony Zanowic   What happened to the promises the Davis campaign made to us in 2014? Where is the transparency? Where is the fiscal responsibility? What about safer, cleaner streets? None of these promises are being kept, and all of our city’s problems are getting worse. This is a case of mismanagement by our city officials and the blame goes […]

Political Insiders: Davis a Complete Failure as Mayor

By W. Homer Axfrord Well,  if you didn’t hear the bad news, we hate to be the ones who have to inform you.  Like we’ve been saying for months, taxes are going up. Don’t get your hopes up, the tax increase isn’t going to be a 2.9% increase, like Davis said. Davis is leaving out two […]

State Report: Bayonne Amongst Highest Taxed in State

By Bayonne Local Bot   According to a new state report, Bayonne is amongst the highest taxed municipalities in the state.  Bayonne comes in at 159 out of 565 municipalities when it came to average property tax rates in 2015. The complete report can be found below.  Sort by “average property tax rate, high to […]

Political Insiders: Let the Blame Games Begin

By W. Homer Axford The blame games have begun. Well, they began a long time ago, but they are starting up again. From what we know now, last January, City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco and Mayor Davis had just learned that they were going to have to raise taxes, and they needed an excuse to […]

Bayonne Ranked Near Bottom of 2015’s Best & Worst Small Cities in America

By Bayonne Local Bot   WalletHub.com has released its annual Best & Worst Small Cities in America. Bayonne is ranked 1010 out of 1268 of the best & worst small cities in America. Princeton, NJ topped the list, with Bell, CA at the bottom. WalletHub uses indicators like, affordability, taxes, economic wealth and education to determine the list. […]

Political Insiders: City to Bond Nearly $1 Million in Debt

By W. Homer Axford No, this isn’t a gag headline. The City took one step closer to bonding $900,000 dollars to buy a vacant lot at 426-428 Broadway. No, seriously, this isn’t a joke. This upcoming Council Meeting (Wednesday)  the City Council will vote to bond more debt in order to get the money — […]