By W. Homer Axford

In case you missed it, the City of Bayonne was sued this week for keeping public information from the public. A private citizen named John Paff is suing the City for denying his Open Public Records requests. Other local Bayonne residents have also been denied Open Public Records requests from City Hall — mainly, those who have inquired about Mayor Jimmy’s Davis’ retirement payout, which has been kept secret. (While the Jersey Journal has written numerous articles about other public officials’ retirement payouts, we have yet to see an article about Mayor Davis’.) So it seems another hypocrisy of the Davis Administration has been uncovered (and this time, it wasn’t even by us): as a candidate, Davis and his cronies cried and complained about a need for transparency at City Hall, yet now they are the least transparent Administration in recent memory.

Bayonne Board of Education Falls into State of Disarray  

The Bayonne Board of Education had to pass a special resolution this past meeting in order to even begin to be able to negotiate a teachers’ contract with Mayor Davis. It seem that all but one board member has a conflict of interest when it comes to negotiating the new teachers contract; in other words, they all are either members of the teachers union or have immediate family members who are members of the teachers union. That being said, even with the resolution, the teachers are no closer to getting a fair contract.

Once again, the Davis Administration did a 180 on their previous positions of getting the teachers a fair contract. Our sources are telling us that Union President Allen D’Angelo is at his wit’s end with Davis.  According  to several sources, D’Angelo lambasted Davis at a recent teachers union meeting, saying Davis “doesn’t care about teachers…Davis knows nothing about education.” The most  shocking comment came as D’Angelo tried to rewrite history telling teachers, “you wanted him, now you gotta deal with him.” D’Angelo endorsed Davis for mayor in 2014.

What ever happened to this Jimmy Davis?

Anyway, can anyone recommend a good UBER driver?  We need a ride to the airport this week….


Davis Does “Master Plan Survey” AKA; Political Poll on Your Dime

You may have noticed that the City of Bayonne has been shoving a “Master Plan Survey” down your throat. As the past behavior of the Davis Administration demonstrates quite clearly, Mayor Davis and City Hall don’t really care about Bayonne citizens, or what they think. Why would they ask for your input in an online survey, you ask? Well, believe it or not, we know a little bit about politics. We took the survey, and we can tell you this: these questions have NOTHING to do with the master plan for the City. It is a veiled political poll. Please note, a good political poll can cost as much as $50,000. Davis didn’t want to pay for it out of his campaign coffers, so he made Bayonne taxpayers pay for it. We must hand it to Davis, he is becoming very deft at finding ways to make YOU, the taxpayers, pay for his political enterprises. Whether its snow removal, legal contracts, engineering contracts, patronage, political websites, etc., Davis has become an expert at finding loopholes in laws and making you pay for his campaign expenses.

Anyway, the questions in the poll are textbook political polling questions.  Questions like, “does Bayonne need more police?”  and, “what is the biggest problem in Bayonne?” have absolutely nothing to do with a development and zoning plan for the City. These questions were put in this survey to do one thing, and that is prepare the Mayor for another run.  This “survey” is another example of a scam pulled on the Bayonne taxpayers and more laws broken or usurped by Davis and DeMarco. They have habitually shown disregard for the City of Bayonne and its taxpayers. We aren’t sure if the reason is that none of them live here or that they are just that corrupt. Either way, they don’t care about you and they are sucking our City dry. Hopefully, something  happens soon…Bayonne cannot afford to have these people running their City any longer.


Final Thoughts

Not many, just waiting on the windmill to be investigated. The windmill broke due to Davis Administration incompetence. Taxpayers paid millions of dollars to build it, now the City of Bayonne is out of a million dollars as a result of it being broken. No one cares about this? Federal investigators? No one?


PS: This is still funny, remember when this was going to be on “TV?”  The same people who did this thing were chosen to manage the circus tent that Bayonne taxpayers paid a million for…not so funny. More to come on this crime….

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