The New Jersey Turnpike Authority announced that the earliest phases of construction will involve westbound traffic ramps and utility test pits.  Contractors have dug test pits on East 52nd Street.

The first detour related to the project will involve ten individual nighttime closures for Frontage Road, which comes off from the Route 440 Connector north of 58th Street.  The Frontage Road detour may begin as soon as late March, and continue through late June or early July.  Specific dates will be announced.

Some construction barriers have been set up already, in order to establish a work zone in the 14A area.

As part of a public outreach plan, the Turnpike has sponsored preconstruction inspections at homes within 300 feet of the construction . A project website will be established.  That website will include basic information about the project and construction updates.  A telephone hotline will be listed on the website.  The hotline will be announced shortly, and will function 24 hours a day. The Turnpike will also be issuing a pamphlet about the 14A improvements.  That pamphlet will list the hotline’s telephone number and the website’s address.

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  1. The Bayonne Bridge only matters if you are traveling into New York.. There are other ways to leave the north side of Bayonne, may be a little more traffic!

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