By Scott Marlow


Police Officer Dominic Lillo was arrested yesterday by the FBI in connection with an incident that happened during an arrest he made. Generally, any case of police brutality is referred to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. According to Lillo’s attorney, there was no reason for the FBI to have arrested Lillo and Lillo will be proven innocent on all charges.

Sources within City Hall are saying that there is way more to the story and it is possible that an FBI informant has been working within City Hall.  In a statement, Mayor James Davis  said “we knew this was coming.”  Yet as of yesterday, Lillo was still on full active police duty. Sources inside the Police Department are also stating that other officers may be involved in the incident that took place. City Hall nor the Bayonne Police Department have confirmed or denied these claims.

The Jersey Journal reports that CDBG offices located close to the Mayor’s Office were searched yesterday and files were taken out. According to the Jersey Journal, at least one City Hall official was questioned.


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  1. deserved. if i ever get pulled over or even simply speak to a bayonne police officer I just immediately assume im about to be treated like an animal.

  2. bayonne needs some cops that aren’t white. stop making the Hispanic and black cops direct traffic. i never see them in patrol cars

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