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Seen Above: P.J. Leonard alleges fraud, waste and corruption at City Hall


Bayonne City Hall Employee P.J. Leonard alleged that massive fraud, corruption and waste were being committed by the City Council, Mayor Davis, City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco and City Director Rob Wondolowski at last night’s meeting.

Leonard claimed the city, under the direction of the Mayor and Joe DeMarco, spent $20,000 from a trust fund  that was supposed to go to helping Broadway on a campaign website. Among the many issues Leonard brought to light, he also claimed that City Director Rob Wondolowski is running his real estate business through city hall. He claims Wondolowski is using city resources to maintain the properties and houses that his real estate firm is selling, while putting residents waiting for the same services at the back of the line.

Leonard claimed that Mayor Davis and Joe DeMarco took $5000 in unreported cash campaign contributions from an engineering firm during the 2014 municipal election. Leonard also stated that firm was later given contracts with the city under Davis.

He also claimed that the City Council illegally took full time health benefits from the state while they worked part time jobs for the city. Leonard stated that he called the state to address these issues and the benefits were stopped. There has been no word from the City Council on whether or not the funds will be paid back to the city or the state.

City Hall could not be reached for comment.

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