Multiple sources are reporting that Mayor Davis’s campaign team is in North Bergen helping to defeat incumbent Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco. The reasoning behind this troop movement is unclear, But some sources are telling Bayonne local that mayor Davis isn’t too happy with the failure of Senate Bill S2789. Senate Bill S2789 would allow mayor Davis to collect his pension while he collects a salary as mayor. It is currently illegal for elected officials to collect a public pension while they are being paid a public salary.


Pat Desmond, (Davis Operative) Seen here at Larry Wainstien protest
Pat Desmond, (Davis Operative) Seen here at Larry Wainstien event


Others are reporting that Davis is playing both sides of the fence, not wanting to anger a possible new Hudson County power player. A loss for Davis would ensure that Senate Bill S2789 would never again see the light of day. Either way the fact remains that Davis campaign workers are actively helping Larry Wainstein in his fight to defeat incumbent Mayor and State Sen. Nick Sacco. An anonymous City Hall source confirmed that Mayor Davis was heard saying “expletive them, He (Sacco) wasn’t with me” when asked about the race. This comes just a week after another group of Davis campaign workers are being accused of housing a campaign headquarters for Bruce Alston of Jersey City. Alston is running in the June Primary against Davis’ hand picked Assembly Candidate Nicholas Chiaravalloti.





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