By Scott Marlow


If you live downtown, you may have noticed that the windmill has not moved in a while. According to sources inside City Hall, some people in the BMUA and the Mayor’s Office forgot to renew the contract with the company who repairs the windmill. The Bayonne Windmill ground to a halt about two months or so ago, and there was no one around to fix it. The Windmill provides the City with much-needed rebates on energy costs totaling about $200,000 to $300,000 per year.

Each day the Windmill remains motionless, the bills on parts, labor as well as real-time loss of money go up. By our estimates, the Windmill has been down for about two months, which equals about $40,000 in losses for the City in energy rebates, not to mention the high price of special parts, most of them ordered from overseas, which will need to be ordered to replace the parts suffering from neglect. According to articles we found online, machines of that complex nature might never work again if neglected for long periods of time.

This isn’t the first time City Hall has shown a nonchalant attitude towards City funds. Mayor Davis spent about $17,000 dollars to refurnish the Mayor’s Office, hired  his nephew into a high-paying city job, and purchased himself a new SUV on City funds, amongst other things, all while raising taxes by 3% this year.

Any way you slice it, the City is losing lots of money on a daily basis.  About $666 a day to be exact. The Mayor’s office, nor BMUA Director Pat Boyle, could be reached for comment.

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